As election results were pouring in on Nov. 8 showing Donald Trump leading the race, many celebrities started to panic. Among them, Cher decided to take to Twitter to express her frustration.


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“If [Trump] wins, he will still be what he is now… a petty vengeful coward!! As Germany was in the 30s, there’s an anger, a rage, that has consumed our [American country]”, she tweeted.

The singer already said she would “leave the planet” if the GOP candidate wins the 2016 presidential election. In her Tweets, she drew comparisons between Trump’s rise in popularity to Adolf Hitler’s over half a century ago.

Back in summer, Cher also made a comparison of Trump with Hitler, as well as with Stalin, during a Hillary Clinton fundraiser event in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

“I was thinking despots — Stalin, Hitler — even though they said the same things, we’re going to make Germany great again, and it was at a time when the Deutsch mark I think was at 25 cents,” she said in a speech. “And also look at Brexit, these people just screwed themselves so badly because they were angry and they didn’t think things could get worse.”

As The New York Times reported, the “Believe” singer openly supported Clinton during her speech, while disparaging Trump. “None of us are perfect, but I believe [Clinton is] genuine … unlike Trump,” Cher continued. “Do you remember Fun With Dick and Jane? It’s like racist Fun With Dick and Jane! ‘We’re going to build walls!’ He doesn’t mean, ‘We’re going to make America great again!’ He means, ‘We’re going to make America straight and white.'”

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