As the results of the 2020 presidential election flood in, social media has been overwhelmed with the thoughts of voters nationwide, including celebrities. The most popular response, particularly among left and liberal-leaning voters, has been severe anxiety about the election outcome, which a lot of celebrity posts reflected without outright stating support for one candidate or the other.


Others used their platforms to be loud and proud about their support, distributing voter information, promoting their candidate of choice, and explaining their own ideologies. Perhaps because of who Twitter and Instagram’s primary user-base is, most of the most political celebrity posts were pro-Biden, or at the very least anti-Trump.


As Trump’s tweets got flagged for spreading voting misinformation throughout the night, actors like Josh Gad responded to help their fans understand the truth.

Many who expected Biden to win were shocked by how close the election was, and how truly polarized the nation has become regardless of the outcome.

The outlier of those who posted on social media were those in support of Trump or other red candidates.

Those who supported Trump primarily questioned the validity of the flood of blue mail-in votes for Michigan and Wisconsin in line with what Trump has said over the past few months, but their tweets were similarly flagged for misinformation.

Kanye West was one of the only celebrities focused on a different candidate entirely – himself. Though he undoubtedly lost this election by a landslide, he was neither dissuaded nor returned to promoting Trump, and has already turned his focus to the next upcoming election.

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