Egg-citing news for Cadbury Egg Lovers! The chocolate egg company has combined forces with Oreos and recently launched the Cadbury Oreo Egg, for the Oreo Easter collection. Oreo-infused Cadbury Eggs have actually existed before this, but were not well-known before the latest launch.

This new version consists of a smooth chocolate egg filled with a vanilla mousse and Oreo cookie filling, and is purportedly as scrumptious as it looks. The official name is Cadbury Diary Milk Egg ‘n’ Spoon Oreo, since it comes complete with a spoon to scoop the filling out of.

The adorable eggs come in a purple wrapper, stored snugly in an egg carton.


There’s just one catch though: Oreo Cadbury Eggs aren’t available in the U.S. just yet. For now, they’re primarily available in the U.K., though there is also a version available in Canada. As if we need another reason to want to immigrate to Canada.

Cadbury Eggs have been around since 1970, and since then, the artists at Cadbury have concocted flavors like Caramilk, Orange Creme, Fudgee-O, and Peppermint.

For those in the U.S. pining after the latest rendition of the Oreo Eggs, our best bet for now is to await chocolate-egg gifts from our Canadian and British friends.

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