Singer Boy George says he won’t be flying with British Airways anytime soon after claiming the airline made first-class passengers wait for Victoria Beckham to get picked up directly from the plane.

The Culture Club lead singer, 61, took to Twitter on Wednesday, saying, “Nice touch for @britishairways to leave everyone in first class waiting for steps while Victoria Beckham’s car picks her up at the aircraft. Proper going to avoid flying BA for a while!” The tweet has since been deleted.

It is unclear where the flight landed, but it suggested the United Kingdom, where Culture Club being set to perform at London’s Kenwood House on Friday.

This is not the only time that Boy George has feuded with the former Spice Girl. In 2018, he asked Beckham to “write something funny on this for me,” at a radio station, and she wrote, ‘To the b—-h, f–k off!”

Boy George has criticized on the Spice Girls in the past. In 2016, when he was a mentor for The Voice he did not allow singer Vangelis to perform the band’s song “Viva Forever.”

“The Spice Girls are awful. I hate them. They’ve just got nothing to say,” he said. “They are a cynical corporate creation and proof that a good stylist is more important than a good melody.”

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