On Bones Thursday night, a documentary team is granted access into the Jeffersonian/FBI partnership during a murder investigation. Alex Duffy is the host of the documentary who did most of the interviews.

The case begins when a Landfill operator realizes that what he thinks is a head of cabbage is actually a human head. Booth and Brennan explain to the interviewer how their work relationship relates to their family life and what they do on an average case. Dr. Saroyan and Dr. Hodgins show the crew around the lab and Saroyan tries to keep Hodgins from being as informal as he usually is, asking him to call her Dr. Saroyan instead of Cam. While examining the body found in the landfill, Hodgins remains his normal self and can’t hide his excitement upon picking the various bugs from the victim.


At FBI headquarters, Booth gives his own opinion of Hodgins and explains what a “squint” is. Agent Aubrey comes in and Booth teases him about always eating. As Aubrey is denying the claim, the documentary camera zooms in on food residue on his lip.

Brennan and Dr. Vaziri have determined that a victim is a caucasian male in his early 20’s. Saroyan enters the lab and shares that there were no trash particulates found on the victim’s lungs, so he was dead before getting to the landfill.

Brennan speaks at Christine’s school for career day. In true Brennan fashion, she brings visuals that are definitely not appropriate for her daughter’s class.

Angela explains to the documentary crew what she does at the lab. With this particular victim, she isn’t able to reconstruct the skull virtually like she normally does due to the damage. She instead decides to examine what the victim was wearing.

Hodgins is able to date the victim’s arrival at the landfill by examining the other trash he was buried in. The victim has been at the landfill since 2006.

The shirt the victim was wearing was a uniform for his pizza delivery job.

While examining the bones, Dr. Vaziri and Dr. Brennan see that the victim had a lot of injuries as a child, mostly from being abused.

Booth was able to identify the victim and found his father, who never reported him missing when he was killed 10 years ago. Also, since there is a clear history of abuse, the father is also a suspect. Said father explains that his son had always mentioned dropping from the grid and bartending in the Caribbean, which is why he wasn’t concerned that he hadn’t heard from him all these years. Booth is suspicious. Booth questioned the victim’s father about the childhood abuse and his excuse is that his son was an avid skateboarder and he is insulted that there is a question otherwise.

Booth explains that part of his job is raising these uncomfortable questions in order to get justice for the victim.

Brennan finds a few more injuries that actually corroborate the father’s skateboarding story.

Aubrey has received the victim’s personal effects, given by his landlord. He finds that the victim owed $3,000 to someone named C. Collins at the time of his death.

Saroyan found high levels of THC in the victim’s body at the time of death, as stated in the toxicity screening. Dr. Vaziri comes to tell Saroyan that he’s gathered more insight into the cause of death. The injuries resemble something caused by a tennis racket or something similar. The documentary host questions Vaziri and Saroyan’s relationship as they work so well together and have such great chemistry, Saroyan continues to deny anything and refuse to talk about her personal life on camera.

At the diner, Brennan and Booth argue over what Christine’s job will be when she grows up. Brennan says she’ll follow in her footsteps and become a forensic anthropologist. Booth says hockey player.

Hodgins thinks he found the victim’s phone in the trash around him and brings it to Angela.

Aubrey locates C. Collins and makes a house call with Booth. Collins explains that he and the victim were business partners which is why he owed him money but he never pressed him for it. Collins suggests that they check into Amy, the victim’s ex-girlfriend.

Aubrey questions Amy about her relationship with the victim but doesn’t get the answers he’s looking for.

At family dinner, Christine tells her parents she wants to sell cars when she grows up.

The team each talk to the interviewer about Sweet’s death, how Hodgins got paralyzed and Vincent’s death.

Angela has made a lot of progress with the victim’s cell phone. His father was the last person he spoke to even tho the father told Booth he hadn’t spoken to him at all. That night, the victim’s father also checked into a hospital with injuries that match the victim’s if they had been in a fist fight.

Booth meets with the victim’s father again. He admits that the fight he got into was with a bookie, not his son. He asked his son to pick him up from the hospital but he wouldn’t. Booth decides that he is no longer a suspect. Brennan disagrees due to Booth’s own relationship with gambling and that it’s causing him to have a soft spot for the victim’s father.

The fatal injury found on the victim is determined to be from a serrated saw and the wound itself has particles from one of the shirts the victim manufactured with C. Collins so Booth and Brennan return to his house.

Brennan immediately finds the murder weapon in Collin’s garage and he confesses to hitting the victim with a tennis racket causing him to fall into the saw.

Booth and Brennan both attribute their instincts to solving the crime. Brennan relying on science and Booth relying on his gut.

Saroyan finally lets her guard down and proposes marriage to Vaziri after he tries to protect her from more probing questions.

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