Icelandic singer Björk has announced a new stage show, Cornucopia, to debut at The Shed located in New York City’s Hudson Yards.


Björk gave a rare interview to the New York Times in which she talked about the performance likening it to digital theater and sci-fi pop concert. The show will feature unique costumes, video projections and a 50-person Icelandic choir. The music will be based on her latest album Utopia.

Rock NYC called the show, “thrilling, astonishingly beautiful musical and visual illustration of a world where people and nature cross pollinate in matriarchal society. Imagine Avatar as a plant based human mash up.”

Cornucopia will have its first official show starting on May 9, and Björk will perform hits from her album like “Body Memory” and “Future Forever” live for the first time.

For details on Cornucopia dates and tickets go to Stubhub.


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