Sunday night’s episode of Big Brother saw the conclusion of the Battle Back and HoH competition. Victor outlasted the rest of the jurors and won the right to re-enter the house for an unprecedented third time (UGH, way to let me down Da’) but fell shortly afterwards. The HoH competition came down to just Nicole and James. Nicole pleaded with James to let her win because she desperately wanted a letter from her mother. In exchange for giving her the HoH win, James made a deal for him and Natalie’s safety for the week.

Before the HoH competition, James revealed to the house during a fight with Paul that Natalie wanted James to evict Corey last week, but ultimately he decided not to. This revelation made Nicole weary of trusting James and Natalie, despite James voting to keep Corey and giving Nicole the HoH win. Feeling distrust with Natalie, NiCorey made a final four deal with Paul and Victor and ask Paul to be a pawn this week in order to evict Michelle.

Big Brother 18 Episode 33 Recap

Last night’s episode opens after the nomination ceremony where surprisingly Big Meech isn’t crying. Since she is sitting next to Paul on the block, Michelle doesn’t think she’s the target as Paul is one of the biggest threats still left in the game (no Meech stay woke!!).

The players are picked for the Veto competition. Paul receives the “houseguest’s choice” chip and picks Corey to play. Michelle, Natalie and James realize that Paul and Victor are working with NiCorey, because as Paul and Corey were on opposite sides of the house last eviction he would have no other reason for choosing him in the Veto comp.


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It was Christmas in August for the PoV competition with the North Pole coming alive in the Big Brother backyard. Corey’s eyes lit up (even his lazy one) when he saw all the snow, reindeer and Christmas decorations strewn about.

For the Veto competition the players were tasked with having to guesstimate how many of the Christmas items there were. For each round the players write down their guesses and after hearing the other guesses they have an option to “stay” or “fold.” If they stay, the player closest to the correct answer gets a candy cane while the furthest is eliminated. The first houseguest to three candy canes wins.  After four rounds Nicole wins her third candy cane and the Power of Veto.

Paul loses some of Nicole’s trust by attempting to convince her to use the PoV on him. According to Nicole, if Paul doesn’t trust her to keep him safe this week then that means that she shouldn’t trust him either. With NiCorey holding all the power, Nicole wonders if this is the time to make a big move and take out a big threat, meaning either Paul or Victor (YES RATCOLE).  Corey tries to dissuade her from this idea (idiot), but Nicole says her mother is probably screaming at the TV for her to make a big move (YES Nicole’s mom).

At the Veto ceremony, Nicole predictably chooses not to use the Veto on either of the nominees. Although her original target was Michelle, Nicole says she is still unsure on who she is going to evict if she is forced to break the tie on tonight’s episode. Who will be evicted from the Big Brother house, Paul or Michelle? And who will become the next HoH? Find out tonight at 9pm EST on Big Brother.

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