Following last Thursday’s blindside and eviction of Da’Vonne (*sobs uncontrollably*), Sunday’s episode of Big Brother saw the houseguests embark on their latest HoH endurance competition. The houseguests had to stand on a small disc with only a rope for support as they were spun around and periodically hit by a large board. The stakes were high for both Zakiyah and Michelle as they were the only two houseguests that were not told that Da’Vonne was going to be evicted and subsequently felt as if they were on the outs with the rest of the house. After a long and grueling competition, Victor was crowned as the HoH and his power trip began shortly after. Victor’s alliance, “The Executives” (SO LAME), consisting of Paulie, Paul, James, and Corey, decided that Zakiyah and Michelle were the next targets. At the nomination ceremony, Victor’s power trip was in full effect as he delivered a nasty speech to Zakiyah and Michelle before tossing rosary beads at them to “pray”.

‘Big Brother’ 18 Episode 23 Recap: Hide and Go Veto

Wednesday’s episode opens with Michelle and Zakiyah reacting to the nomination ceremony as some of the other houseguests try to console them. Michelle, crying, questions why Victor didn’t put Paulie up on the block considering Paulie was the one to backdoor and evict him earlier this season. Michelle also tells Paulie that she knows he had some influence on Victor’s nominations this week (dang, Michelle is woke af). Paulie sets his sights on Michelle as she becomes more aware of his complete control over the rest of the house.

As Michelle retires to her bedroom, Paulie manipulates his pseudo-showmance, Zakiyah, by telling her to pick him to play in the veto competition for her. Zakiyah asks Paulie if he really would use the veto on her if he wins it, to which Paulie hesitatingly answers yes. Zakiyah reveals to the Diary Room that she noticed Paulie’s lack of conviction in his answer and questions his authenticity.

It’s now time to pick players for the Veto competition. As the nominations and HoH draw names for the competition, Zakiyah coincidentally receives the “Houseguest’s Choice” ball. Hoping to discover where his loyalty truly lies, Zakiyah picks Paulie as he promised he would use the veto to take her off the block.  The players playing in the Veto competition are HoH Victor and his nominees Michelle and Zakiyah, as well as Nicole, James, and Paulie.


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The houseguests play the classic Veto competition – “Hide and Go Veto”. The players each hide a “veto square” somewhere in the house and take turns trying to find another player’s square. The player whose square is the last to be found is the winner of the Power of Veto.  After each room in the house is completely turned upside down (and a few eggs cracked courtesy of James), it is revealed that Paulie’s “veto square” was the last to be found and he receives the Power of Veto.

After the Veto competition, Zakiyah approaches Paulie and asks if he is still going to use the veto on her. Paulie uses some lame chess metaphor (if the King senses the Queen is in danger then the King will save her [or some other BS]) to rescind his promise of taking her off the block.

Paulie knows that Michelle is a huge threat to his game and wants her evicted, but doesn’t want to upset Paul and Victory by using the veto on Zakiyah. Knowing that he can easily manipulate the smitten Zakiyah, Paulie hatches a new plan to save her that involves James’ “care package”. Paulie spins a story to James that Michelle, Paul, and Victor have a sub alliance and that he should use his power to nullify two votes at the next eviction to ensure that Michelle is the one evicted. James seems to buy what Paulie is selling but is unsure of what he is going to do with his care package at this point, because he wants to make the decision that is best for his game not Paulie’s.

At the Veto Ceremony, Paulie predictably decides to not use the veto on either Michelle or Zakiyah, locking Victor’s nominations in place. Ugh, I used to stan for Paulie but after getting my queen, Da’Vonne, evicted and lying to Zakiyah, I am ready for his game to blow up.

Tune in tonight to see whether Zakiyah or Michelle will be evicted and if either of the two nominees holds the “round-trip ticket” to come back into the Big Brother house. Tonight’s episode is also a special Double Eviction episode, which will see a second houseguest being evicted before the hour is up. Will the house use this opportunity to target Paulie, the biggest threat in the house or will Paulie continue to maintain complete control of the game? Find out tonight at 9pm EST on Big Brother.

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