It was an all out war on last night’s two-hour season finale of BattleBots on ABC. In the final episode of the season every bot was on a mission to secure the championship win and capture the coveted “Giant Nut.” The grand prize that all the bots had been working so hard for the whole season.


Beta vs. Tombstone:

Winner: Tombstone


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In the first match of the quarterfinals between number one seed Tombstone and number nine seed Beta, things got pretty intense. For a second it appeared that Beta would be walking away with the victory after numerous blows to Tombstone. But then Tombstone came back strong in the last seconds of the fight making sure to get the judges approval by demolishing beta’s popular hammer weapon. By the end of the fight, Tombstone had taken the win and was on to the semis.

Chomp vs. Yeti:

Winner: Yeti

It was a match to the death in the battle between the number twelve seed Yeti and number thirteen seed Chomp. Yeti who was fresh off his victory from the sweet sixteen was not taking any prisoners as it came out striking hard and even flipping his opponent Chomp over several times to insure Chomp’s destruction. Still, Chomp had some fire left in him and and continued to chop Yeti with his powerful axe. Then Yeti returned the force and even removed one of Chomp’s wings  to gain the win and move on to the next round.

Bronco vs. Minotaur:

Winner: Minotaur

This was perhaps the one battle that I was the most excited to watch. Bronco and Minotaur have both been destroying every robot in their path all season so to watch the both of them battle each other was exciting. After coming out swinging, Bronco tried to keep Minotaur in control but this proved to be a difficult task. After removing all of Bronco’s wheels, Minotaur secured the win by nearly shredding Bronco with his deadly shredder. Minotaur was on to the final.

Bombshell vs. Poison Arrow

Winner: Bombshell

There was a whole lot of tossing going on in the match between Bombshell and Poison Arrow. Coming into the tournament as the number twenty-seven seed and making it this far was an accomplishment all in itself for Poison Arrow but Bombshell wasn’t leaving this fight defeated. After an intense three minutes, Bombshell was declared the winner and was on to the final round!


Tombstone vs. Yeti

Yeti had worked hard all season and it was finally time to show everyone what it was made of in the semis. Coming in as the number twelve seed and making it this far was just half the battle. Now Yeti had to beat the number one seed in order to make it to the finals. Yeti was ready to fight its hardest. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen and Tombstone came out as the winner and was on to the final round with ease.

Winner: Tombstone

Minotaur vs. Bombshell

Winner: Bombshell

This had to be the most unexpected battle of the match with Bombshell taking the win. After watching Minotaur destroy its opponent’s all season, I figured this match to make the finals would be a piece of cake. However, Bombshell showed no signs of weakness and prevailed to make the final round. Awesome fighting on both sides but only one bot can win!


Tombstone vs. Bombshell

Winner: Tombstone

By the time Tombstone had made it to the last battle, it was almost obvious who would be crowned the new BattleBots champion and be taking home the Giant Nut. Still Bombshell had any people surprised that it made it this far, so it was still a fight worth watching. After the fight commenced, it was no question Tombstone would be getting the win. So, in an epic season of intense fights and crazy battles, Tombstone wins it all and takes home the coveted “Giant Nut.” The best part of the season finale was possibly when Tombstones builder got emotional at the end and thanked his son, who was also there to make sure they got the win. Until next season, stay robotic!

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