Things got extremely technical (pun intended) on Thursday night’s intense episode 6 of BattleBots titled “The Good, The Bot and The Ugly.” It was every bot for itself as the round of 32 concluded. Every robot went blow for blow as they battled it out to get to the round of sixteen with aspirations of eventually making it to the final round and winning the grand prize, the coveted Giant Nut. Almost every single battle fought on episode 6 was a complete blowout with only one of the matches (Stinger vs. Mega Tento) going the full three minutes without either robot being totally annihilated.

Beta vs. Overhaul:

Winner: Beta

In the battle of Beta vs. Overhaul, Beta proved that the bot with the hammer is always the better bot. Beta crushed Overhaul to pieces, literally and secured its spot in the round of sixteen. Although Overhaul seemed to be a fan favorite coming into the match, the bot still proved to be no match for Beta who demolished its opponent with several deadly hammer attacks, paving an easy path into the round of 16.

Hypershock vs. Warrior Clan:

Winner: Hypershock

Who knew that the rake your parents used to make you clean the leaves with outside as a kid could double as a deadly battle weapon? Hypershock took zero prisoners on episode 6 as it raked Warrior Clan into complete oblivion. Although Warrior Clan tried its best to attack Hypershock using its fierce fire-breathing drone, the robot still succumbed to Hypershock’s deadly rake blows. By the end of this violent battle, Hypershock was on to the next round.

Stinger vs. Mega Tento:

Winner: Mega Tento

It was a fight to the finish in the epic battle of Stinger vs. Mega Tento. Both bots gave their all in one of the only matches of the night that ended in a draw. However, after what seemed like a never-ending commercial break, the judges finally made their decision and Mega Tento was the winner. Stinger was finished and the tougher bot was on to the sweet sixteen.

Chomp vs. Captain Shrederator 

Winner: Chomp

Although Captain Shrederator came out fighting like a true warrior, Chomp was the victor in this battle. Captain Shrederator’s viscous blades weren’t enough to stop Chomp’s powerful rampage. At first it appeared that Captain Shrederator was going to steal the win from the jump. However, Chomp came back full force sealing the deal on its round of 16 placement.

If this is what the round of 32 is like on BattleBots, then next week’s round of 16 airing August 4th on ABC is going to get way more ugly! I never thought machines could be so human-like in combat. I’m officially hooked!

Other notable matches from BattleBots, episode 6:

Brutus vs. Lock Jaw

Winner: Brutus

Nightmare vs. Icewave

Winner: Nightmare

Bombshell vs. Cobalt

Winner: Bombshell

Bite Force vs. Ringmaster

Winner: Bite Force

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