Tuesday’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise opens with Jared giving a little update on Josh vs. Nick when it comes to Amanda. Josh is currently in the lead and it’s clear by the way Amanda and Josh cannot keep each other’s tongues out of their mouths. Daniel is excited by the potential fighting. Daniel is also trying to solidify his spot with Sarah.

Christian from Jojo’s season arrives and the girls immediately acknowledge his good looks. Christian has a date card to use and he pulls his guys to the side to try and get some information on the girls. Josh quickly lets him know Amanda is off limits. Christian chooses Sarah, much to Daniel’s chagrin.
Daniel and Nick talk about Evan and Carly’s relationship. Evan doesn’t know that Carly isn’t as interested in him as he is into her.

Evan and Carly each tell their friends about the kiss they shared on their date, Carly saying it was horrible while Evan says it was amazing. Carly decides she needs to be truthful and up front with him about how she feels even though she knows it’s going to be hard.

As expected, Evan doesn’t take it well and tearfully heads back to the house. He’s unsure if he’ll even be given a rose this week. Back on the beach, Carly and Daniel are talking and Daniel admits he hopes Sarah and Christian’s date isn’t going well.


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It seems to be going extremely well.

Christian is impressed at her strengths given her disability but also seems to be very attracted to her and they share a steamy kiss after repelling down a waterfall. Evan is trying to decide if he should even deal with the rose ceremony or just tell Chris he wants to leave.

Brandon from Desiree’s season arrives and Chris Harrison is having a hard time placing him. He admits he wasn’t too memorable. No one else recognized him either. Carly is instantly attracted to him but he decides to take Haley on his date  instead.

Christian and Sarah are still enjoying their adventurous date. They return to the resort extremely giddy and on cloud 9 telling everyone how it was. Daniel is hating every minute of it. He decides that evening to prepare a little date for her in order to spend more time with her but also to ensure his safety during elimination. She admits she has fun with him but wants to see if he has a serious side. He ends up actually having a real conversation with her and she’s excited about it. He admits he was jealous about her date and she admits she thought of him during her date. She’s torn.

Haley and Brandon head out on their date. Little does he know that Haley and Emily have decided to play a trick on him and switch in the middle to see if he notices. He’s saying all the right things but did not notice at all when they switched. Major fail.

Meanwhile, Evan decides that now is the right time to tell Amanda how he feels. Right at the 24 hour point of their makeout session. We’ll see the awkward conversation next week as the episode ends with “to be continued…”

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