Apple – joined by the White House Coronavirus Task Force, the CDC, and FEMA – has made available a new app that provides a screening for COVID-19 symptoms.

The new screening website and app offer a questionnaire to be completed related to health status, recent travel, and any contact with a suspected COVID-19 patient or member of a community.

The questionnaire is comprised of a series of questions about risk factors, recent exposure and symptoms related to COVID-19. It provides a recommendation on what to do next, including whether a test is recommended at this time or if one should self-isolate at home.

The software is designed to help people monitor their symptoms, protect themselves by providing tips on washing your hands, disinfecting surfaces and quarantining.

The app will also offer up-to-date news and developments and serves to promote social distancing by helping others access reliable sources from home regarding the outbreak.


Those showing severe symptoms are told to call 911 while those with milder symptoms are able to be evaluated through the app to assess their conditions and are oftentimes led to a response to “rest up,” and “talk to someone” about testing – a local health department or physician.

You can find the Apple website here, and app here.

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