After 28 years, Alicia Silverstone reprised her role as Cher Horowitz from the cult classic Clueless for Rakuten’s Super Bowl commercial on Sunday.

Paying homage to a debate scene from the original movie, Silverstone, 46, is filmed walking to the front of the classroom, wearing her iconic yellow plaid jacket, which was redesigned for the commercial by Christian Siriano, who had a cameo in the ad as well.

Silverstone was also joined by fellow Clueless cast member, Elisa Donovan, who reprised her role as Cher’s nemesis, Amber, for the commercial.


“I used to be pretty clueless about shopping,” Silverstone said while addressing the classroom as Donovan attempted to speak over her. “Like when I heard I could save by getting cashback with Rakuten, I was like ‘As if!’” she said using her catchphrase.

Additional Clueless references made in the 30-second ad were Cher’s digital outfit selection process, Silverstone filmed shopping in Rodeo Drive, and a scene with Cher’s classic white jeep in front of the Horowitz Beverly Hills mansion.

Rakuten has also released an extended version of the ad on its YouTube channel.

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