Alec Baldwin will be returning as Trump on Saturday Night Live this season. 

On Friday, Baldwin broke the news on the Origins podcast about his return to SNL’s 44 season despite his previous complaints about the role. 

“I have fun doing it, there’s no doubt about that,” Baldwin said during the podcast. “They are all old and dear friends of mine, and I love going there. When the show is good, there is nothing like it. But for me, I think I’m going to do some of it, but not a whole lot,” he said, referring to his skits as Trump.” 

SNL producer Lorne Michaels also revealed his shock to the news of Baldwin’s return to the show on the same podcast. “Sometimes I feel like we are still in campaign mode. But, I thought — [Alec and I] see each other a fair amount, so we don’t talk much about it in the offseason,” Michaels said. “And then, I think he was at the U.S. Open last week, and somebody asked him if he was doing Trump. And he said, ‘yea.’ And his agent Matt DelPiano texted me and said, ‘I think he’s doing Trump.’ And I went, oh, okay. But, he is somebody you know you can always count on.”

In March, during SNL’s 43 season Baldwin said at an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, “Every time I do it now, it’s like agony. Agony. I can’t.” 

After hearing about the interview, Trump went to Twitter to respond to Baldwin’s comment. 

Baldwin quickly responded back on Twitter.

When asked during the podcast whether another actor might impersonate the president, Michaels said, “I think there is probably no other actor who is looking to take that and follow Alec. And I think, for a new cast member to come in and try, that would be a really tough thing to do.”

Saturday Night Live is set to return on Sept. 29 on NBC.

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