With over 84 million followers on TikTok, the 21-year-old influencer Addison Rae revealed on October 14 that she has been officially kicked off of the app. Rae took to Twitter to share a screenshot of TikTok’s message informing her of the ban, which stated that her “account was permanently banned due to multiple violations of our Community Guidelines.” Rae claimed that she is unsure of why the ban took place, and fans seem to be just as perplexed due to the relatively harmless nature of her dance-heavy TikTok content.

Rae took the ban in stride, joking on Twitter that it’s “time for me to get a job,” playing with the idea that being an influencer is not yet widely accepted as a real job. Because of her rapid ascension on the app, Rae’s net worth has grown to upwards of $5 million. This success has also been compounded by her starring role in Mark Waters‘ film He’s All That and presence as a pop artist with singles like the upbeat “Obsessed.”

Unlike fellow TikTok success stories such as Charli D’Amelio or Avani Gregg, Rae was a legal adult and already enrolled in college at Louisiana State University when she skyrocketed to app notoriety, which meant that she had to abandon her dreams of being a sports broadcaster in order to move to Los Angeles. Rae’s ban from TikTok could be a foreshadowing of her career progression, as she leaves the app behind in order to focus on a more mature kind of work.

On the podcast Mama Knows Best that Rae hosts with her mother Sherri Nicole, she admitted that she always had the intention of leveraging her TikTok prosperity into a position as a journalist on a major news network. Her aspirations were (somewhat) actualized when she released photographs of herself with a microphone on the red carpet at a UFC fight, insinuating that the company had hired her to report on the event. The photos caused a major public backlash, as people argued that her three months of sports journalism studies at LSU did not qualify her for a reporting position that many others worked tirelessly to achieve.

Rae’s TikTok ban, whether temporary or permanent, could potentially have been interference from her management to gauge how the public would react to the inevitable – Rae leaving TikTok for good in order to move towards greater opportunities. Her appearance as one of a handful of influencers at this year’s Met Gala is an indication that she is already being viewed as more than just a trend-hopping internet dancer, and her role in He’s All That confirmed her mass appeal.

Because Rae’s account is still viewable, fans are primarily unsure whether or not she will be able to post again, or if the ban notification she received is just a temporary fluke. The ban could also be a harmless publicity stunt.

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