Twelve-year-old street performer Allie Sherlock captivated Ellen DeGeneres on her show January 29.

DeGeneres first saw a video of the young singer performing on the streets of Dublin and knew she had to have her on the show. The host introduced her talented guest by saying, “When I saw a video of our next guest singing on the streets of Dublin I knew I had to meet her. From Cork, Ireland, please welcome 12-year-old Allie Sherlock.” She performed Adele‘s “A Million Years Ago.”

Sherlock was excited about coming on to the show, even if she was nervous. She told the Irish Sun, “I never normally get nervous but I was so nervous before Ellen. It wasn’t just because there’s millions watching, it’s that I’m good at singing but I’m not so good at talking!” But the excitement and DeGeneres’ kindness helped get her through.

“That was pretty amazing because I absolutely love her show and she was just so nice and friendly, and I was really nervous and during the break she was saying to me to calm down and she was just so nice about it which made everything much easier,” Sherlock told The Irish Times.

DeGeneres wasn’t the only star she met on her trip to Los Angeles; while on the show she met Pharrell Williams.

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Earlier in the week she met with Ryan Tedder. He also saw one of Sherlock’s videos and wanted to collaborate with her. According to the Irish Sun the young performer said, “At the moment I sing covers but with Ryan we’re writing songs. Hopefully there’ll be an album maybe next year.”

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