Malapropisms abound when Sarah Palin takes to speaking, tweeting, blogging and communicating with the public in any manner. In the aftermath of Palin’s recent use of the non-existent word “refudiate,” once while delivering commentary for Fox News and again in a tweet condemning the construction of a mosque near the Ground Zero site, folks are creating Palin video mashups with the same abandon that she herself applies to the English Language. Below are our top five favorite Palin mashups so far.

1. Easily one of the funniest and most fluid of the mashups, Harmon Leon combines Palin’s attempt at stand-up comedy with the humor stylings of Larry the Cable Guy.

2. It was bound to happen, Sarah Palin and Miss South Carolina both struggling to respond to questions they just might not understand… 


3. Not technically a mashup of Palin’s own words, this video justaposes the parking lot outside one of her book signings to a crowd gathered in the parking lot of a heavy metal show… Here’s a hot tip, neither one of them really comes out on top.

4. This remix of Sarah Palin catch phrases doesn’t do a whole lot to strengthen any of her arguments, but her interview answers take on the role of ambient noise, which may be where they belong anyway.

5. And finally, for your viewing pleasure a Mike Relm remix in which he takes a crack at interviewing Sarah Palin and getting to the bottom of what “going rogue,” actually means