Rising pop stars like singer Justin Bieber have to watch out, because as Craig Ferguson recently said, “Beautiful people are not allowed to be talented.” Ferguson was referring to the actor Zach Efron, who was a teenager when he did High School Musical. For a while, it seemed like people loved to hate him. This is the rather arbitrary attitude that the populous often ends up developing toward teenaged actors and musicians – think Miley Cyrus, Hilary Duff and the Jonas Brothers. Putting aside what may be lacking in the artistic worth of the script- or song-writing that they do, these young stars haven’t committed any serious crimes. They deliver their lines, dance and sing admirably. But I know a few little girls who hate all of these people with a passion, even though they couldn’t hum a Jonas Brothers song if their lives depended on it.

The viral video of the hour is that of another little girl sobbing uncontrollably because she loves Justin Bieber so much. “I love Justin Bieber,” the toddler chokes out as her older sister comforts her. “He always makes me cry with his songs!!!” This goes on for about four minutes, with the girl explaining that she is sad because she doesn’t get to see Justin Bieber all day, and that she wants him to be a part of her family. “This is wrong,” says the girl’s mother from behind the camera. “You’re three. You should not be crying over boys.”

The follow-up to this video takes place in a back room at Jimmy Kimmel’s studio, where the girl (along with her extraordinarily bored-looking family) gets a surprise visit from Justin Bieber himself. This girl sits on his lap and tells him that she wants to marry him, and Bieber’s response is a big hug.

Obviously, you wouldn’t expect Bieber to rebuff the child, but neither would you expect him to pay her a visit in the first place. He did a good deed. And the thing is, all young pop stars do good deeds along this line, but they still end up being absolutely despised by a lot of people. Bieber has just turned sixteen, and his fans love him so much that they have started more than one riot in his honor. His 16 party invitations included a waver for parents to sign saying that they understood that partying with Bieber could result in serious injury or death. I can bet you that the partygoers in question would probably consider Death by Bieber a reasonably pleasant way to go.

But I can almost guarantee that the goodwill towards Bieber will not last long. It’s just as Ferguson’s interview said: if someone is beautiful and can sing and dance and play baseball as well, it makes everybody else “very angry.” Is it just jealousy? Someone could do a study. Beauty and talent all in one package should not be considered a bad thing.

Nevertheless, Bieber should try to shield himself from what’s probably coming. For now, that lucky three-year-old can savor her moment with the much-beloved singer. Thanks to the beautiful and talented Justin Bieber, there is “one less lonely girl” in the world.


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