Teen pop sensation Justin Bieber was in the news recently after revealing that he and Ozzy Osborne would appear in Best Buy’s first-ever Super Bowl ad. Bieber has promised via tweet that it will be “funny as heck.” But this won’t be the first amusing Bieber clip to make millions laugh. A quick YouTube search reveals a horde of Bieber inspired memes. Below are our top five favorite so far.

1. 3-Year-Old Girl Crying Over Justin Bieber: In this heartbreakingly hilarious video, a three year-old girl confesses her love for Justin Bieber and breaks into hysterics over his unattainability. My favorite quote: the mother says, “We don’t have to cry about Justin Bieber,” to which the daughter replies, crying emphatically, “Sometimes we do!”

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2. Justin Bieber Gets Hit In The Head With A Water Bottle: Apparently Bieber has a hard time protecting his noggin, which is probably why he has that giant bowl of hair. The following video is a montage of some of his more memorable head smashing moments.

3. Justin Bieber Parody “Sleep on You”: In addition to his humongous fan base of tween girls – often referred to as Beliebers – there is a blossoming movement of pranksters intent on making fun of Bieber. The following is a good example of their work.

4. Justin Bieber’s SNL Skit with Tina Fey: Bieber is not without a sense of humor. In fact, he has posted numerous videos parodying popular viral videos, including the Dramatic Chipmunk, David After the Dentist, and more. But in the following video, in which performs a skit on SNL with Tina Fey, he takes it up a notch, making fun of himself and the “Bieber Fever” pandemic he has inspired.

5. Justin Singing “Respect” by Aretha Franklin: And let’s not forget how Bieber got his start. As legend has it, Scooter Braun, who would become Bieber’s manager, was trolling YouTube and accidentally clicked on a video that Bieber had posted of himself. Impressed, he contacted Bieber – and the rest is history. The following is an example of one of Bieber’s early homemade videos.



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