Lady Gaga has done it again.

Despite having shocked the fashion world time and time again, Lady Gaga (aka Stefani Germanotta) has somehow managed to push the envelope once more. At this year’s Grammys, Gaga, who won an award for Best Pop Vocal Album (The Fame Monster), arrived encased by a colossal egg on a dais supported by several of her followers. She did not officially make an appearance until her performance, when she broke out and sang “Born This Way.”

One really must applaud Gaga for her creativity, because it takes quite a noggin to come up with as many surprises as she has (that or a well paid team of fashion gurus and a hearty supply of psychedelics). In honor of her bold ingenuity, I’ve assembled a list of our top five favorite crazy Gaga outfits.

As adept as she is at assembling avant-garde outfits, Gaga is equally known for her experiments with hair. Whether it’s platinum blond, daisy yellow, brown or silver, Gaga consistently defies expectation with her ability to transform her hair into a prop of its own. In the above photo, Gaga made an appearance at the Consumer Electronics Show sporting a sun hat crafted from her own hair.


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Compound an untimely death with the above outfit and you get spooky Gaga. In a bizarre coincidence, moments after snapping a picture of Gaga at the ACE Awards in New York City, photographer A.J. Solkaner died of a heart attack. Fame monster: too true.


I would say this is one of her most peculiar outfits, but that just wouldn’t be true. It’s Gaga we’re talking about! It is, however, the hairiest. Performing here at Madison Square Garden while on her Monster Ball tour.


At the 2010 Video Music Awards, Gaga wore this meat suit (made from real animal flesh) while accepting her award for Video of the Year (Bad Romance). Surprisingly enough, this is not the first time she garbed herself in meat. In fact she debuted the grisly outfit on the cover of Vogue Hommes Japan. PETA was understandably perturbed.


Apparently, the daunting cost of paying Jim Henson a fortune in royalties wasn’t enough to prevent Gaga from donning this Kermit the frog get up to a televised interview in Germany. Probably one of the least flattering getups we’ve seen Gaga wear, but pretty amazing nonetheless!


And for kickers, check out this fun mash up of Gaga’s wildest fashion moments:

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