Taylor Momsen first appeared on The CW series Gossip Girl in 2007, at the tender age of just fourteen. As a huge supporter of the novelized version of Jenny Humphrey, I was pleased that she was the perfect age to play Jenny. Though, I was infuriated that she was the physical antithesis of Cecily Von Ziegesar’s depiction of the character in the novels.

Jenny is described as very petite, with a voluptuous chest that practically weighs her down, and untamed curly locks. I soon learned that every member of what is supposed to be the homely Humphrey clan (including Vanessa) was glammed up for their television debut.

The CW would never write in a bald Vanessa or a lazy, out of work, beatnick Rufus to play supporting roles in one of their series. Those characters don’t fit in with the catty kind of drama that CW shows are known for. Then there’s Taylor Momsen, who already had the storyline of Serena’s little sister type aspiring to be Blair’s protégé going for her, and seemingly changed to reflect herself in reality.

It’s no wonder that she has been cut from Gossip Girl. The hyper-sexualized punk-princess that Taylor Momsen has morphed into is not cute. Without knowing her age, maybe its kind of “rad,” but thinking about her antics makes me wince when I remember she’s still technically a minor.

Taylor Momsen’s initial transformation was surprising to me, especially after meeting her multiple times during the filming of the first season of Gossip Girl, which took place near my high school. She was very innocent looking, wore very little make up and was more than happy to answer questions and take pictures with fans.

Months later, I was walking down the street and noticed a girl in a short leather mini skirt, barely covering her butt, and obnoxiously high heels that accentuated her stick legs. As I was evaluating what I thought was a slutty daytime combo, my sister informed me that it was none other than Taylor Momsen.

She had a short choppy haircut, the complete opposite of the long wavy tresses she sported on the set earlier that year so I needed confirmation. We followed her into Starbucks, and waited until we caught a glimpse of her face – indeed, behind the raccoon eyes it was Miss. Momsen.

Fast-forward about three years and the attire she sported that day is her go-to look, with different variations on her use of leather and thick black eye makeup. At the beginning of her mew image, my friends and I used Taylor Momsen’s fashion choices as a trash-o-meter. If Taylor Momsen would wear it, you probably shouldn’t.

Not only because her outfits became increasingly skimpier, but also because we were older than her and we didn’t even feel comfortable wearing stripper heels with fishnets to a Halloween party. Now, her apparel would be the least of a mother’s worries. Flashing her audience during concerts, giving a fan a lap dance. What is next for this girl? It’s not surprising that the tabloids focus more on her image than her music.

I am not condemning her for being a punk-princess. If a girl wants to wear leather, chains, garter-belts and smoky eye-make up all day every day, be my guest. If a girl wants to sing about how depressed she is and how much she hates the world that is okay, too. But she can’t do that and take her clothes off in public (even if there were pasties on her breasts) without an understood decline in respect from the world-at-large.

Taylor Momsen has yet to earn a reputation like Courtney Love’s, who is said to be Momsen’s stylistic predecessor. There are many differences between Love's and Momsen’s music, but I think that in a way Momsen tries to emulate Love’s feminist rage. She tries to be a crazy, subversive individual, but whether or not her cause is genuine, using her sexuality as a tool is classless. Tomorrow, on July 26th, when Momsen finally turns 18, perhaps the sexuality won’t be as highly scrutinized.


  • Sydney Ramsden
    Sydney Ramsden on

    I'm all for Momsen doing her own thing and not conforming to society's view of her as an innocent, pink-wearing girl, but this goth princess act she puts on is just the opposite of genuine. She looks and sounds ridiculous. Someone needs to tell her that she's not fooling anyone.

  • Sophia Hurrell
    Sophia Hurrell on

    I was also angry when I saw that Taylor Momsen was playing the voluptuous Jenny Humphrey. I don't know why she is so intent on looking like a street whore. It's not cute and definitely not sexy. The only statement she is making is something along the lines of "I have serious issues and need to see a therapist."

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