"Quiet! The commercials are on!" It's a request that makes sense on just one day each year, Super Bowl Sunday. The commercials spice up an otherwise LONG and tense game. Over chips, burgers, buffalo wings and chili, the Super Bowl
Commercials feed us the only things we're missing – entertainingly kooky scenarios and product endorsements from our favorite celebrities.

In 1995, we had the Budweiser Frogs, in '98 we met the Tabasco mosquito and this year we were introduced to… well… the guy who licks the residual Dorito cheese powder from his co-workers pants and fingers. After the commercial aired, we all made a mental note not to bring Doritos into work this week, less the office "Funny Guy" try to recreate this ad at our expense!

Also making cameos in advertisements: Adrian Brody crooned to a devoted audience in his Stella Artois ad, Richard Lewis was turned burly by a Snickers, ex-sitcom star Roseanne Barr was plowed down by a carpenter's log, P. Diddy left home in pajamas to search for his silver Mercedes, and Faith Hill tried to help a young boy write a Valentine's Day email.

At hour four, when the game was finally won and confetti fell on the rejoicing Green Bay Packers, all that I wanted was a gullible little brother in a Darth Vader costume and to know, what exactly is BigDaddy.com? Oh, right, and to watch Glee!

In case you missed an ad while running to the kitchen to refill your bucket of Fritos or to microwave a few more jalapeño poppers, or if you just want to watch an ad again, YouTube has compiled the entire collection in one location: https://youtube.com/user/adblitz


  • Scott Deady
    Scott Deady on

    "The Force" was probably the only thing worthwhile in the entire Super Bowl this year.

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