With the first season of E’s Pretty Wild coming to a close, and the newest season of Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami premiering next month, it’s time to consider whether or not there should be a season two for the Neiers family. While they did bring some drama and provided some outrageous behavior, the Neiers will never be as popular or as famous as the Kardashians, and here is why:

1. Kris Jenner is quirky while Andrea Arlington is just plain weird.

Throughout the years, the Kardashian sisters have proven to have an especially close relationship with their mother and manager Kris. While some of their conversations have gotten a little uncomfortable—like last season when she told daughter Kourtney that she loved having sex while she was pregnant—there is something about her openness that is a little endearing.

In last week’s episode, Arlington walked into the bathroom while daughter Tess was getting out of the shower and suggested that they do a naked photo shoot. She quickly ran and got the digital camera and directed her daughter to lather soap on her body and make sexy faces. Even if you are OK with your daughter posing naked in pictures, leave it to the professionals, please.

2. The lack of male reasoning.

While Bruce Jenner famously bumbles around his Calabasas home while his stepdaughters prance being ridiculous and biological daughters try to emulate them, he is a strong voice of reason to the female insanity. Pretty Wild‘s lack of a male authority figure simply results in girls with absolutely no boundaries.

3. Little sisters should act their age

Eleven-year-old Kylie and fourteen year old Kendall Jenner have made a few appearances throughout the show’s four seasons. But while Bruce tries to make sure his daughters live a life that is as normal as possible, Andrea Arlington promotes underage sex appeal. When fifteen-year-old daughter Gabby realized that she would probably need some support, Arlington took her to buy the sexiest, laciest bra she could find.

4. Illegal activity is sensational, sex tapes are sexy

In the beginning of filming, middle child Alexis, 18, was arrested for allegedly breaking into the homes of celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan and Rachel Bilson. While breaking and entering to steal Balenciaga bags is indeed scandalous, it’s hard to feel bad for this poor little rich girl.

When Kim’s now famous sex tape leaked in 2007 and Kourtney’s nude photos were being circulated in season one it was easy to sympathize with the Kardashian sisters while at the same time not judging them too harshly.

While both Kim and Kourtney have made the best of their situations and banked on their hot bods, Alexis lost modeling gigs and became an untouchable by the industry.

5. Boys, boys, boys.

From Ryan Cabrera, to Max Nash, to a boy met on vacation in Cabo, the Neiers sisters have had their share of boys following them around. But as each episode brings some new boy drama, this causes the girls to look slutty, not sexy. And with their mother encouraging infidelity and non-monogamous relationships, their reputations regarding their loyalty are significantly worsened.

While the Kardashian sisters have had their share of fun, their love interests seem to be pretty solid and respectable. Scott, Lamar, and sometimes Reggie have become usual characters on the show and create humorous story arcs.


  • AltheaWilsonBerkowitz
    AltheaWilsonBerkowitz on

    "Pretty Wild's lack of a male authority figure simply results in girls with absolutely no boundaries."

    Of course, because women without a man will misbehave, right! If Michelle didn't have Barack to keep her in check, she'd probably be taking off her shirt and stealing handbags too!

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