The hottest news in the Televised Dating World — the lamest news being that there is in fact a Televised Dating World — is that Nadya Suleman, otherwise known as the Octomom, has agreed to join HDNET’s new celebrity dating show, Celebridate. The show, set to debut in the fall, is yet another TV dating show, but this time with celebrities. Only, it won’t be celebrities dating celebrities (which the tabloids have under control). Instead the show will attempt to match “Hollywood’s Hottest Celebrities” with non-celebrity singles. Where the Octomom comes into the mix, I can only imagine.

I’m happy for Nadya that she wants to get herself out there into the dating world. How the woman finds time to do anything but tend to her 14 children is more of a miracle than her birthing octuplets back in 2009. Miracle or medical malpractice? Who’s counting (besides The California State Medical Board)? But I don’t think dating shows do much in the way of true love.

In all 15 seasons of The Bachelor, only one couple actually married, but the bachelor, Jason Mesnick, didn’t marry the girl he gave the final rose to. In the After The Final Rose follow-up show, he changed his mind and broke up with Melissa in favor of his runner-up, Molly. It was controversial, but this was the one time two people who met on the show might have really loved each other. No other couple even stayed together for very long.

So, do we really think TV producers who only care about ratings are going to set up contestants who (most of them) only care about their 15-minutes of fame? Do the contestants think this really is their “one shot at true love'? Or do we watch these shows purely for entertainment? One thing is certain: watching celebrities date singles is going to be entertaining. It is also a gateway show that can lead to other reality TV shows for the contestants.

I really do hope the Octomom finds love on the show. But if she doesn’t, I’ll be looking forward to seeing her on Dancing with the Stars.


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