Watching the two-hour season premiere of Kate Plus Eight, I was immediately surprised, not by Kate Gosselin pioneering a herd of eight children without the help of mellow Jon, but by how great Kate looks in a bathing suit. After eight children, she looks better than the typical young college student, beer bellied and all, in a bathing suit. Her physical appearance manifests her greed for fame, the media, and how she copes with her inner strife of the obliteration of her marriage and previous life.

In the first hour of the premiere entitled ‘Inside Kate’s World,’ viewers got a behind-the-scenes look into the stressful life of a Dancing With the Stars contestant and a woman with extensions. In a looks-obsessed society, obviously Kate’s hair has become its own celebrity. The constantly talked about “mom in the front, party in the back,” frequently got press in it of itself. In looking for excuses to
hate Kate, constant criticism about her peculiar hairstyle emerged, especially once extensions were added to the mix.

Following discussion of the hair was her chaotic life as a dancer. Terrifying footage of Kate stampeding around the dance floor like a line backer was exhibited for all to see. Ultimately, Kate nagged about her short-lived dancing career like she nagged about her ex-husband Jon. There is a particular scene that stuck with me where Kate is in her limo with her security guard crying because she can’t decide if she should go to dance practice or take a nap. “Either way someone will be mad at me,” she whined, easily being mistaken by millions for one of her six-year-old sextuplets. With the cameras rolling, Kate revealed that although parents grow old, sometimes they never grow up.

The second hour was all about the sextuplets sixth birthday, which was being celebrated for the third time. With a party at Jon’s house and a party at Kate’s house, what they truly needed was a tropical getaway. Some might say the birthday present was more for Kate than for any of the children. However, in this first hour there was what Kate would call a “darling” reunion between the eight kids
and the filming crew. “I missed you guys a lot!” yelped one of the little squirts. But once the familiar faces were back in each other’s lives, things quickly shifted back to the Florida trip. Everyone got
to feed stingrays, be a walking perch for birds, and finally swim with the dolphins. The kids and Kate (again, scantily clad in her bikini showing off her teenage bod) both loved the day equally. It ended up
being what looked like a fun time had by all.


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If we take some time to look past Kate’s constant screeching, we would actually see a good mother in there. Poor little Lex got sick the first day of the trip so Mommy took her the next day to do everything she had missed. She planned for them an entire celebration to show them how much she cares. And when we are reminded of the fact that she’s watching these eight children essentially on her own, it’s a pretty impressive thing. So maybe if we put her plain weird hairdo and uber-controlling personality aside, we would be able to praise her and appreciate her parenting because if I had her life, I probably would have been the one to leave Jon about six years ago.


  • eloise
    eloise on

    I think that Kate has a lot of insecurities that came out on the "Dancing" show but all in all, I do believe she is a good Mother and truly loves her children. I wish her the very best, and I do think she is a lovely woman.Eloise

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