We’re in Season 6 of Desperate Housewives and some feel as though it’s losing hope. I’ll admit a couple of things. First of all, while it did prove to be a shock when Edie Britt was killed off the show, she took a piece of Housewives with her. She never failed to make me laugh or add some quality pizzazz to the show. Furthermore, I have been left feeling slightly unsatisfied through this season and sometimes question what’s happening with it. It seems as though the writers are overwhelmed with characters in that too much time is spent each show on too many of them so that not much is really even happening. At the same time, characters are left out and miraculously reappearing without proper build-up. Some stories are getting old like the Catherine-Susan drama. And some content is becoming a little too cheesy. Objectively speaking, and with the latest mystery on Wisteria Lane being the Bolens, I truly wonder if what they’ve got hidden can be anywhere near as juicy as the Applewhites (who kept their son in their basement) or Dave Williams.

That being said, I have to also give way to my subjective consciousness, which tells me that I really do love Desperate Housewives. While I do sometimes doubt that the show will pull off twists that rise above the incredible prior drama that the show has had in the past, in my heart I believe it will. I have been a DH fan since day one, and have grown to love every character in their own way. I’m not a TV freak by any means and have never been one to favor sitcoms or soap operas. But, there is something about the drama of Housewives, even if it’s not as good as it once was, that I cannot get enough of. Every show reaches a peak and either stays there, falls a bit but then gets back up, or crashes completely.

I do not believe DH will crash but that they are simply taking a little tumble before a sharp rise. I hope that what they’ve got coming will wow and seeing how they’ve done it multiple times before – as a true fan I cannot doubt them now. I will continue to love and watch them until the show concludes, and it is off the strength of this love of mine and other fans alike, that I know that they just can’t disappoint us – fabulous mystery and drama awaits us!

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