I’ve been an avid follower of Lost from the beginning. It’s unlike any other show out there and truly pushes its viewers to use their brains. Lost is one of the few shows that I’ve been known to stay home for – gladly bearing with the commercials. It’s been pretty awesome throughout its lifetime with very little disappointment. My mind has been thrown for a loop quite a few times by Lost, and I respect it for that. However, I often think about that fine line that lies between actual thoughtful mind-benders that do, in fact, come together in the end and mind-benders that come from the simple ability, that almost everyone has, to throw a bunch of stuff together that doesn’t make sense with hopes that it turns out for the best. You see, anyone can use confusion as the means for entertainment, but true talent is revealed when what unravels is a meaningful ending.

Lately, I must admit, that I have been doubting Lost can find that meaning out of all the confusion in the series. I’m wondering if, while it’s kept me wanting more all these years – will its finale really be a demise to the show? Or will they pawn off explanations as to the mysteries of the island and its powers on powers that have never really demanded explanations in the first place? For example, will John Locke turn out to be the devil and Jacob, God? Is the island heaven or hell? If so, little explanation would be needed as for the tiny details of why and how and when, and I’d consider it a cop out simply because that has been done too many times before.

Or maybe they’ll reveal one other big mystery but much will still be left unsaid, leaving us, the viewers, still thirsty for more. I want explanations that truly explain and fit all the pieces that have been thrown around us for years, to really fit together, and not only because I’ve been a fan for so long and feel as though I deserve it, but because to me, a true masterpiece must show the genius of how they put it together from the start.

The ending is the hardest part. Writers and film-makers alike have broken themselves throughout history when their fabulous and intellectually forward ideas leave them stuck before the ending is written. And then nothing seems good enough to match up with the rest of the story. So I wonder, since this season has really not been very promising, if the ending will flop or will it take the cake? All I can say is, after all these years of watching, it’d better!

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