Is it coincidence that both Ryans – Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gosling – were booed at Cannes after they premiered both of their films? Probably not. One can only imagine the embarrassment and depression that resulted from the entertainment industry’s form of public shaming. The fact that Reynolds didn’t even show up to the after party for his film Captive truly says something (no reports on Gosling tearing up yet). It’s the kind of moment when you realize that even if these celebrities are beloved, we can be real two faced at times. So while we’re at it, let’s take a look at other poor, unfortunate souls who were victimized by the disapproving tones of a booing audience.

Katy Perry at Milan Fashion Week – Katy was not working it at the Milan Fashion Show back in February. The bubbly pop star was booed when she got onto the runway clad in an outfit by fashion designer and friend Jeremy Scott. She shamelessly told off the rowdy audience with a sonorous “shut the f*** up.” Fight sass with more sass, I always say. Sources said the crowd was upset with her late arrival, since she was supposed to arrive to the event 50 minutes prior to when actually did show up.

Nick Cannon at Madison Square Garden – Booed after shooting a segment of America’s Got Talent during halftime of the Knicks vs. Nets game. He yelled, "Go ahead, ‘boo’ louder. Get it outta your system!" He attempted to pull the old reverse psychology trick on them but it didn’t work. As a last ditch effort, Nick attempted to perform a trick shot that went south as well, and given that he was supposed to get help from producers to make it work only shows how awful the whole thing really was. According to TMZ, producers came out first to get the crowd to cheer, but as soon as Nick got onto the court, the crowd greeted him with boo’s instead.

Jodeci At Wembley’s Arena – The R&B group was booed right off stage at London’s Wembley’s Arena after a messy performance. Sources say the group not only performed badly, but also were late to the show. Take it from Jodeci and Katy Perry, you do not want to be late to your own show, it’s a middle finger directed to your fans that probably spent a lot of money to see you do your thing. The booing came right after the first song and, to add insult to injury, the group had to beg the audience to let them continue with their show. Ouch!

LeBron James At Carmelo Anthony’s Wedding – LeBron got a lot of heat at Carmelo Anthony’s wedding in New York. The basketball player more or less ruined his friend’s wedding after upsetting Knicks fans when he chose to play for the Miami Heat. He has been forgiven since then and isn’t greeted with booing anymore (save for Cowboy fans).

Michelle Obama and Jill Biden at NASCAR: There was no respect for the First Lady at NASCAR’s season finale in 2011. Michelle Obama appeared as part of an initiative to honor military troops. NASCAR fans must be a tough crowd.

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