Lots of St. Paddy’s day shoutouts this week, but the biggest news of all in Twitterverse? Ryan Seacrest’s big boo-boo. The Idol host tweeted the results three hours shy of the reality show’s actual air time in the west coast on Wednesday, causing a major uproar from fans on the social networking site. Congratulations, Ryan, you are our worst Tweeter this week. And if her tweets are to be believed, somebody should tell Ivanka Trump not to tweet while driving!


"Happy St. Paddy’s Day! Or as my Irish Grandmother would say,"BLAAAHHH! WHASSA MADDER KID? YA NEVER SEE AN O’LADY PUKE BEVORE?! G’times! %^} " – Jim Carrey, March 17

"Hold on man, mcnuggets have almost 16% real chicken in them! Count me in, take that health care!!!" Jeremy Piven, March 14

"It’s an odd thing, getting stuck in your own post-show traffic. It’s so "boo" yet so "yay."" – John Mayer, March 17

"FYI—in defense of my character Robin on DH….Stripper does not equal hooker!!" – Julie Benz, March 14

"So Ke$ha proved to all the contestants on American Idol last night that you can have ZERO talent and still be a top selling artist." – Frankie Muniz, March 18

"Someone stole my old cell and has been calling Spain, Venezuela, Mexico..I will find ur a** Keep it up f***er." – Kim Zolciak, March 15


“Packed radio show tomorrow… got tonight’s voted-off Idol Lacey Brown.” – Ryan Seacrest, March 17

"I HAVE GREEN EYES, I’M OFFICIALLY SAFE." #iforgotstpattysdaylikeanasshole – Nicole Richie, March 17

"Making the world dumber one tweet at a time. Flexible not flexable. My theory is if u can figure it out it’s good enough." – Ashton Kutcher, March 19

"Driving back to Jerusalem now. I’m watching the sunset as I drive along the beach in Tel Aviv." Ivanka Trump, March 18

"I’m in a meeting with this man that has the breath of an old gorila in captivity. really bad. should i tell him? lol" – Ricky Martin, March 19

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