Oh Jersey Shore, how I missed you so much. You never seem to disappoint me and always put a smile on my face.

Season 2 of the Jersey Shore premiered last week in South Beach and was nothing short of what I expected. What craziness will this season bring us? Will Angelina ever fit in again? Can ex-couple Ronnie and Sammi live together in the same house? This season, expect more drama, drinking, parting, fist pumping, lots of hook-ups and perhaps even a fight or so.

Of course, I’ve compiled a list of my predictions for season 2. Here they are, enjoy!

Snooki: As of now, Snickers has a juice-head boyfriend Emilio, but we all know that isn’t going to end well. She even admits in a trailer than while she may not want to cheat, if someone gives her a bottle of SoCo – things might change. We should expect more ridiculous comments, outfits, hair poofs, and look out for a brawl between her and Angelina.

Mike the Situation: There’s nothing I would like to see more this season than to have someone put The Situation in his place. Perhaps some girl will turn him down at a bar and telling him he’s not “big” enough and needs to have a better tan. But for now, his absurd and self-absorbed comments do make me chuckle once in a while. I think this season, he will go after one of the girls in the house to have some fun (before and after) the clubs. Did I forget to mention MTV pays him $30,000 per episode for this? 

Dj Pauly D: Pauly D is by far the easiest person to get along with in the house. This season, expect him to continue to search for girls (hopefully no stalkers like last season) and maybe even find a guidette that is hmm… somewhat normal. Actually, I don’t think “normal” is not the right word to use. Anyway, soon after, the two will break up and Pauly will join the Situation in hooking up with lots and lots of girls. 

Sammi:  Poor Sammi. The girl has to live with her ex, “Rooooonie” for the entire summer. After many drunken fights, I’m sure the two will end up hooking up for a brief time. However, nothing would make me happier than to see our Sammi Sweatheart move on, possibly even in front of Ronnie starting much fun filled drama and fights. It’s usually during this part of the show when I mute the T.V. Oh, and rumor has it she gets into a fight with JWOW, we all know who is going to win that one.

 JWOW: The toughest and fiercest guidette of all, JWOW is always one looking for a fight. We already know she throws some punches as Sammi and gets sued for starting it with some girl at a bar, but will JWOW find love down in South Beach? Probably not, but one can always hope. JWOW will continue this season strutting around wearing next to nothing and prowling around for juiceheads with Snooki.

Ronnie: Looking bigger than ever this season, Ronnie will do anything to make Sammi upset or jealous. In the beginning, he will slut it up now that he is single. Eventually, he will come to his senses, and drunkenly spill his love to Sammi once again… probably at a bar. Then, a guy will look at Sammi the wrong way and Ronnie will go beat him up and get thrown in jail. Who is going to bail him out this season?

Vinny: This season, the girls are going to realize how awesome Vinny truly is. From the previews, it seems he hooks up with Angelina and Snooki. We all know that neither will end up well and a screaming match will follow. Besides that, Vinny will continue to crack jokes and talk sense into everyone when things get heated up.

Angelina: While she may claim she’s the classiest of out the bunch, Angelina’s actions say otherwise. She already began brawling with the girls on the season premiere, and will most likely continue. However, she won’t go home this year though because she would never be able to live it down. Instead, she will try to align herself with the guys and perhaps even hook-up with a few. Then we will promptly forget about Angelina for she doesn’t come back for season 3.



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    I predict someone will dance to terrible music this season.

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