Serene Branson’s stroke-like incident at the 2011 Grammys may just be one of the oddest thing that has happened on a live broadcast. As she was live on camera and she suddenly started speaking in tongues, many people couldn’t help but laugh. And when the video was posted on YouTube it became a quick sensation.

Tim Heidecker summed it up best on his Twitter account when he tweeted “WOW!”, followed by a link to the video. To show he has a conscience, his following tweet said, “Obviously if she had a stroke then that’s terrible.”

And that was the general feeling surrounding the video. There was something innately fascinating about the episode.

This got me thinking of other similar incidents that have found a home on YouTube. Here are the top five Reporting Incidents Gone Wrong.

5. This reporter messes up his lines to comedic effect when talking about Jennifer Lopez. He does catch himself, but still pretty funny.

4. It’s not everyday we see a news reporter laughing. However, this is the most common type of news related blooper on YouTube. Here is the best of the “laughing” videos. Two news anchors can’t stop laughing when they see video of a model falling on the runway.

3. Have you ever wondered how hard it is to keep that reporter persona up? Especially when things are going wrong? Well, when a bug flies in this reporter’s mouth, he’s had enough.

2. When Tyrone Davies went into a local news station to talk about his upcoming indie film playing at a nearby festival, he didn’t let a little sickness keep him from coming in. However, halfway through the interview he realized he should have just stayed home.

1. Finally, at #1. This reporter got a little excited while stomping grapes. And well, it didn’t turn out too well for her.


  • wildumon
    wildumon on

    re Serene Branson’s stroke-like incident at the 2011 Grammys .Personally i find nothing amusing about someone having a stroke in public particularly someome who reports the news regularly.If others find amusement in this unfortunate neurological espisode then you have my regrets for your ignorance and lack of concern for the well being of another human being.I'm sure that those who have suffer strokes and i can assure you that those who contend with uncontrollable seizure activity do not find your lack of intelligence quite so funny.

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