Wes Bentley is an American actor. He is best known for his roles in American Beauty (1999) and Yellowstone.


Wes Bentley was born on September 4, 1978 (Wes Bentley: age 44), in Jonesboro, Arkansas to Cherie Baker and David Bentley. His father is a minister and his mother is a chaplain for the United Methodist denomination. Bentley and his three brothers were raised in Little Rock, Arkansas. He graduated from Sylvan Hills High School in 1996 and went on to complete one year at the Juilliard School’s Drama Division before leaving to follow his acting career.


Bentley started his acting career with the movie Three Below Zero (1998) in which his character and several others are trapped in a New York basement on the hottest day of the summer. The next year Bentley starred in one of his most famous roles, Ricky Fitts in American Beauty. This role earned Bentley a nomination for the BAFTA Award for Supporting Actor in the same year.

His other notable roles include Seneca Crane in The Hunger Games (2012), Doyle in Interstellar (2014) and several characters throughout the fourth, fifth and sixth seasons of American Horror Story. In 2009 he played himself in the documentary My Big Break, alongside his past roommates Tony Zierra, Brad Rowe, Chad Lindberg and Greg Fawcett, about their shared struggles of becoming famous in Hollywood and the subsequent issues that come with that very fame. His most recent role has been playing Jamie Dutton in Yellowstone, a wildly popular neo-Western drama TV show.


Yellowstone follows the Dutton family as they own and operate the largest ranch in Montana, the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. Conflict arises not only between the family members – consisting of John Dutton (Kevin Costner), Kayce Dutton (Luke Grimes), Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly) and Jamie Dutton (Wes Bentely) – but also with the neighboring Broken Rock Indian Reservation and Yellowstone National Park.

In an exclusive interview with uInterview, Bentley discussed what filming with Reilly is like. “Some of the scenes I both look forward to and dread,” Bently laughed. “Because usually, physically, I’m the one getting it. But what I love about it is that Kelly [Reilly] is an incredible actress to work with and we trust each other deeply in these moments and in these scenes especially. We try to have a good time between takes a little bit and check in with each other. But she’s so great to work with, especially in these scenes. Like I said it’s really tough and draining but it’s great.”

Bentley also had great things to say about another one of his co-stars, Will Patton, who plays Garrett Randall, Jamie’s biological father who killed Jamie’s mother. “As actors we went deep, deep, and far into some really traumatizing areas of the soul and it was a whole day and it was draining but Will [Patton] is amazing to work with,” Bentley explained in the interview. “It was so intense by the end, we had this sort of out-of-body experience of feeling like floating out of the house and into the world because it had pulled everything out, right? It’s a feeling, not a great feeling, but it’s a feeling that you’re looking for as an actor, so it was nice to experience that.”

Bentley divulged that he was excited to work with Costner because of the impact he had on his childhood, “the way I grew up with Kevin, he was in all the movies that I loved.” Bentley told uInterview how much he learned from Costner both on and off camera and how he admired Costner as a father. “Now that I’m a father and seeing him as a father, truly where his priorities are in life while in the middle of all this madness has been the most striking thing and most moving thing to me,” Bentley revealed.

You can watch Yellowstone on Paramount Network or Peacock TV.


When was Wes Bentley born?

Wes Bentley was born on September 4, 1978.

How old is Wes Bentley?

Wes Bentley is 44 years old.

Is Wes Bentley married?

Yes, Wes Bentley is married to Jacqui Swedberg. He was previously married to Jennifer Quanz.

Does Wes Bentley have children?

Yes, Wes Bentley has two children, Brooklyn and Charles Bentley.

Does Wes Bentley have social media?

No, Wes Bentley has no social media presence.

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