Titus Welliver is an American television and film actor. He is best known for his roles in Transformers: Age of Extinction, The Town, Lost and Bosch.


Titus Welliver was born on March 12, 1962 (Titus Welliver age: 59) in New Haven, Connecticut. His father, Neil Welliver, was an American landscape painter and his mother, Norma Cripps, was a fashion illustrator. In 1976, his half sister Ashley Welliver died of sudden infant death syndrome. Her tragic death was followed six months later by the death of Welliver’s stepmother, Polly Mudge Welliver, who succumbed to a strep infection on October 29.

Welliver attended New York University, where he studied drama. At NYU, he took a copywriting class with fellow actor Adam Sandler.

In May of 1991, Welliver’s younger brother Eli Lustman Welliver was killed by an accidental overdose in a bar in Thailand.


In an exclusive conversation with uInterview in June of 2021, Welliver explained how he got started with acting in his childhood. In the summer of 1976, when he was living in Boston with his mother, she signed him up for an actor’s workshop for children.

“I sort of reluctantly went to it, thinking this is not gonna work for me,” Welliver explained. Luckily, Welliver soon discovered a deep appreciation for the profession. “Within an hour of being there, I felt like I was home.”

After getting home, he asked his mother to sign him up for the rest of the summer.

“It was a wonderful experience, and that lit the fire,” the actor said.

Thirty-five years later, Welliver was filming a scene at Fenway Park for Affleck’s The Town when he made a discovery.

“I was literally five blocks away from… the actor’s workshop,” said Welliver. “There was a symmetry there. It was kind of a beautiful thing, that that’s where it started and that’s where it continues.”

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Welliver began his professional acting career in 1990 with small roles in the films Navy Seals and The Lost Capone. In 1991 he played a supporting role in the film The Doors, which starred Val Kilmer and Meg Ryan. Welliver returned to the Capone family that year in the film The Mobsters, where he played Al Capone alongside Patrick Dempsey and Christian Slater.

From 1992 to 1996, Welliver appeared in a variety of shows, including L.A. Law, Beverly Hills 90210, The X-Files, and New York Undercover. He gained his first recurring role in 1996 with the part of Sergeant Crispin in the police show High Incident. Later that, year he appeared in three episodes of Murder One as the character Larry White.

Welliver had a series of significant roles in police shows from 1996 to 1998. He played Dr. Mondzac in several seasons of NYPD Blue. He also played Officer Jake Lowery in Brooklyn South from 1997 to 1998.

In 1999, Welliver appeared in two episodes of Star Trek: Voyager as Lieutenant Commander Maxwell Burke.

In 2001, Welliver returned to the police genre to play FBI Special Agent Jimmy Flynn in eight episodes of the show Big Apple. Also in 2001, he joined the show That’s Life for two seasons as Dr. Eric Hackett.

In 2002, Welliver began a 17-year stint as Rob Miller/Tom Landricks in Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.

In 2004, Welliver began his well-known role of Silas Underwood in HBO’s Deadwood. The show ran for three seasons, winning eight Emmy Awards and critical acclaim. From 2006 to 2009, Welliver appeared in a series of television shows, including Law & Order, Prison Break and Supernatural.

Welliver began one of his more famous roles in 2009 with the character Man in Black in Lost. He appeared in seasons five and six.

In 2010 Welliver returned to the big screen in Ben Affleck‘s The Town. Welliver has starred in almost all of Affleck’s directorial projects, including Gone Baby Gone (2007), Argo (2012), and Live By Night (2016).

From 2009 to 2011, Welliver played Glenn Childs in CBS’s The Good Wife. The show received five Emmy Awards and ran for seven seasons. From 2013 to 2015, Welliver played Felix Blake in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Beginning in 2014, Welliver starred in Amazon Prime’s police show Bosch as the titular character, Harry Bosch. The seventh and final season was released on June 25, 2021.


In his exclusive conversation with uInterview, Welliver shared some insights on his character’s development in the final season of Amazon’s Bosch. The final season sees Harry Bosch face conflict with the politics of the LAPD as he works to solve the ongoing arson crime from the previous season.

When asked about his favorite scene from the new season, Welliver responded with, “That’s kind of like saying ‘What’s your favorite Beatles song’. There’s so many wonderful moments and scenes.”

Welliver explained that his “Hey Jude” moment from the show was when the audience gets to see Harry Bosch making decisions as to how to move forward. “I think those are those kind of slow-clap moments where the audience gets up a little…They see that he’s made that decision, and that becomes the catalyst… which is sort of is the fuel of excitement that moves us through,” the actor said.

Welliver also discussed how Harry Bosch has “a depth of vulnerability” that most people likely wouldn’t expect. The introduction of Bosch’s daughter “suddenly puts Harry in a deeply vulnerable place,” he explained.

“I identify with this, being a parent,” said Welliver. “I have three children, there’s always that underlying thing of wanting our kids to be able to navigate the world, but we don’t want them to be injured in any way. We want them to have happiness and have life present its challenges without injury… I share that with Harry.”

Bosch season 7 was released on Amazon Prime on June 25, 2021.

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Welliver has dealt with more than his fair share of tragedy in his life. In addition to the deaths of his siblings Ashley and Eli, his older brother Silas died in 2002 from muscular dystrophy.

Welliver has been married five times. He divorced his first wife, Heather Wielandt, in 1989. Three years later, he married Hollywood talent agent Dani Sexton. The marriage lasted four years, ending in divorce in 1996. Welliver married actress Joanna Heimbold in 1998, with whom he has two sons. Their marriage ended in 2004. A year later, Welliver married his fourth wife, film producer Elizabeth Alexander. The couple share a daughter born on 2006. In 2012, Alexander tragically succumbed to breast cancer. In 2014, Welliver married his fifth wife, Dutch fashion consultant and former model Jose Stemkins. Welliver filed for divorce from Stemkins in 2019, and the divorce was finalized in 2021.


Fact Sheet:

Full Name: Titus B. Welliver

Date of Birth: March 12, 1962

Birthplace: New Haven, Connecticut

Height: 5’11”

Education: New York University

Family: Neil Welliver (father), Norma Cripps (mother), Silas Welliver (brother), Eli Welliver (brother), Ashley Welliver (sister), Ethan Welliver (brother), Eamonn Lorcan Charles (son), Quinn Welliver (son), Cora Welliver (daughter)

Twitter Handle: @welliver_titus

Known For: Bosch, Deadwood

Notable Roles: Harry Bosch, Silas Underwood

Fun Fact: Welliver has narrated several audiobooks


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