Owen Teague is an American actor. He is known for his roles in the films It, It: Chapter Two, Montana Story and Inherit the Viper, as well as his work in series such as Bloodline, The Stand and Mrs. Fletcher.


Owen Teague was born on December 8, 1998 (Owen Teague: age 24) in Tampa, Florida. Both of Teague’s parents were musicians, and he himself grew up playing the violin.

In an exclusive interview with uInterview, Teague revealed how he first got interested in theater as well as his first acting experience.

“I was four and a half and I was watching a movie and I said to my mom, ‘I want to be in a movie,'” Teague divulged. “I grew up in Florida, my mother and father had both done theater so they were both familiar with it, but we were in Florida and it was like ‘How do we do this? This isn’t really a thing here.’ But it was, and I did a play at a community theater when I was five – Annie Get Your Gun. And that was my first, not job really, but my first experience.”

Teague was a member of the Movie Makers Club during his elementary school years at MacFarlane Park International Baccalaureate Elementary. He also participated in the orchestra and thespian club at Howard W. Blake High School School of the Arts.


From 2012 to 2015, Teague got his television start by appearing on popular series such as Malibu Country, NCIS: Los Angeles, Reckless and Bones. In 2013, Teague began his film career with the comedy Contest. In 2015, Teague co-starred in Echoes of War and Walt Before Mickey.

In 2015, Teague was cast as Young Danny in the series Bloodline. In season one of the show, Teague portrayed the character Danny during flashback sequences. Throughout seasons two and three, Teague continued his work on Bloodline by playing the role of Nolan, Danny’s secret son.


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When speaking about his time on Bloodline, Teague told uInterview, “I look back on [Bloodline] and think of that as sort of my training almost. That’s where I learned how to do stuff and be on, you know, work.”

In 2016, Teague was cast in his first of many Stephen King adaptations, the science fiction horror film Cell. The next year, Teague portrays Patrick Hockstetter in the 2017 version of King’s It. In the film, Teague plays one of the sociopathic bullies in Bower’s gang who torment The Losers Club. In 2019, Teague reprises his role in the next installment of the franchise with It: Chapter Two.

In 2017, Teague plays Trick in the popular Black Mirror episode “Arkangel.” Directed by Jodie Foster, the episode warns about the dangers of helicopter parenting through the famously terrifying style of Black Mirror.

In the 2019 HBO miniseries Mrs. Fletcher, Teague stars as Julian Spitzer, a young man that develops feelings for a middle-aged divorcée.

The same year, Teague plays Boots Conley in Inherit the Viper, a crime drama. In 2020, Teague returns to King’s universe when he is cast as Harold Lauder in the CBS miniseries The Stand.

In 2021, Teague stars in Montana Story alongside Haley Lu Richardson. Teague and Richardson play a pair of estranged siblings who have been tasked with looking after their sick father.


Teague stars in the 2022 drama film, To Leslie, in which he plays the titular character’s son. Teague shared with uInterview his own synopsis of the movie.

“We kind of discussed between ourselves how difficult it is to summarize this movie because it’s just kind of a person’s life with a window into it,” Teague began. “I play James, [Leslie’s] son. The movie is about a woman who wins the lottery and gets a whole bunch of money and spends it all drinking and her life falls apart and she has to kind of deal with that. It’s her relationship with her son and her family… and these two complete strangers and also alcohol.”

Teague stars in the film alongside the likes of Andrea Riseborough, Allison Janney, Marc Maron, Andre Royo and Stephen Root. When asked about what it was like working with costar Riseborough, Teague revealed that though most scenes were tough emotionally, Riseborough still managed to make filming enjoyable.

“[Riseborough] is so extraordinary, and we also have worked together before. This is our second time playing mother and son. She’s so easy to work off of… She makes it real for me, and so when there are these really difficult scenes, it’s really difficult, but at the same time it’s fun because she’s so good.”

To Leslie was released in the United States on March 12, 2022.

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When was Owen Teague born?

Owen Teague was born on December 8, 1998.

How old is Owen Teague?

Owen Teague is 24 years old.

How tall is Owen Teague?

Owen Teague is 5’11”.

Is Owen Teague in a relationship?

Owen Teague does not talk openly about his relationship status, but is reportedly single.

How did Owen Teague start acting?

Owen Teague knew he wanted to be an actor from a very early age. Teague told uInterview, “I was four and a half and I was watching a movie and I said to my mom, ‘I want to be in a movie’… I did a play at a community theater when I was five – Annie Get Your Gun. And that was my first, not job really, but my first experience.”


Who was Owen Teague in It?

Owen Teague played Patrick Hockstetter in It and It: Chapter Two.

What is Owen Teague’s Instagram?

Owen Teague’s Instagram handle is: @realowenteague

What is Owen Teague’s Twitter?

Owen Teague’s Twitter handle is: @RealOwenTeague

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