La La Anthony was born Alani Vazquez on June 25, 1979 (age: 39) in Brooklyn, N.Y. Anthony is the oldest of four. Her younger siblings are brother Christian Vazquez and sisters Aviana and Solana Vazquez. Her parents are both from Puerto Rico and Anthony considers herself Afro-Puerto Rican.

La La Anthony Biography

Anthony’s first break came in high school when she worked on the radio show Future Flavas with Ludacris. She moved to Washington, D.C. to attend Howard University. She studied communications and worked as a disc jockey at the campus radio station WHUR.

In 1999, Anthony moved to Los Angeles and worked at KKBT radio, where MTV noticed her and invited her to audition. She was called back a year later.

La La Anthony On MTV

Anthony began working at MTV as the host of Direct Effect and as a VeeJay on the music video program Total Request Live (TRL). She appeared in an episode of Sex And The City as herself on TRL.

La La Anthony Filmography, TV Work

Anthony appeared in Two Can Play That Game in 2001, Urban Massacre in 2002, Monster Island in 2004, You Got Served in 2004 and Think Like A Man in 2012.

Anthony has hosted and co-hosted a number of television programs, including Flavor Of Love, I Love New York, Flavor Of Love Girls: Charm School, Real Chance Of Love and For The Love Of Ray J. She has introduced many stories on MTV’s High School Stories and was a dean on Charm School With Ricki Lake. She has appeared on the television programs Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Chappelle’s Show and One On One as well.

Anthony currently stars in the reality show La La’s Full Court Life, which documents her family and professional life.

La La Anthony Marriage, Dating History

Anthony began dating New York Knicks player Carmelo Anthony in 2003. The couple became engaged on Christmas day 2004. In 2007, Anthony gave birth to her and Carmelo’s son Kiyan Anthony. Anthony and Carmelo were married by Michael Eric Dyson on July 10, 2010. The wedding was filmed for Anthony’s reality show La La’s Full Court Wedding, which preceded La La’s Full Court Life.

Not much is known about Anthony’s dating history before she started seeing Carmelo in 2003, but she had plenty of dating advice to share with “Just know what you’€™re doing. Is it just a fling? Is just something for now? Is this a person you see yourself being with long term?” Anthony told uInterview exclusively. Know what it is so you can strategize and have a game plan on how you want the relationship to go because every relationship is different. We’€™re not meant to be with everyone for the rest of our life.”

La La Anthony’s ‘The Love Playbook,’ Relationship Advice

Anthony published her first book, The Love Playbook: Rules for Love, Sex, and Happiness, in 2014 and filled it with relationship advice she shared exclusively with uInterview.

Before getting into a relationship, Anthony believes that people need to love themselves first. “The first rule is really self-love and loving yourself first because if you do that you’€™ll attract the right kind of energy,” Anthony told uInterview. “A lot of times women go into relationships looking for men to fill voids that they need to work on themselves. So in my book, with all these fun stories and tips and tidbits, we do just really talk about self-love and loving yourself first because that is the primary basis for any healthy relationship.”

Anthony warned against ‘faking it’ in a relationship. “I don’t cook. I never pretended that I could cook; I never came into my marriage or relationship as a cook and 10 years later I’m still not a cook,” Anthony told uInterview. “So I never faked it I am what I am and fortunately my husband fell in love with me for that, so by not faking it I was true and authentic, and he fell in love with that.”

Anthony came out strongly against ‘freebies.’ “I don’t agree with a freebie. I think that’€™s opening the floodgates up for a lot of problems. I don’t believe that anyone should have a free cheat day in any relationship,” Anthony told exclusively.

However, she doesn’t think cheating is a dealbreaker for a relationship. “You gotta look at the whole situation. Are you ready to just give it all up because of that? Why did he cheat? What were the circumstances behind it?” Anthony told uInterview. “No way do I think cheating is acceptable, but I think you have to definitely look at the whole spectrum of what happened maybe go to therapy, maybe talk it out if you want to salvage the relationship and see what happens. Every single circumstance is completely different.”

La La Anthony Personal Life

In February 2012, Anthony introduced MOTIVES, a cosmetic line for women of color at the Market America World Conference. Each product is named after a life experience.

Anthony launched a personal lifestyle website in April 2012 called The website focuses on family, relationships, beauty, fashion and pop culture.

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