Jim Broadbent is an English actor with a prolific career in film, TV, and theater. This Jim Broadbent bio will allow the actor to tell his story in his own words.

Jim Broadbent Bio: Age, Early Life

Jim Broadbent was born in the town of Holton cum Beckering, Lincolnshire, England on May 24, 1949 (Jim Broadbent age: 68). His parents were both involved in the arts community. His mother Doreen Broadbent was a sculptor and his father Roy Laverick Broadbent dabbled in sculpting, art, furniture making and interior designing. They both also acted and founded an acting troupe called the Holton Players. Broadbent completed his secondary education at Leighton Park School. After graduating, he first attended an arts college but eventually transferred to the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LANDA) where he was part of the class of 1972.

Jim Broadbent Bio: Career, Movies,Game Of Thrones

Jim Broadbent has appeared in numerous stage works. Early in his career he had  stints with the The National Theatre of Brent, appearing in productions such as  The Greatest Story Ever Told, and Revolution!!. He has gone on to act in many hits such as Kafka’s Dick.  


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Broadbent is also known for his work in film, where he is renowned for his ability to bring depth to his characters. He has acted in commercial and critical successes such as Bridget Jones’s Diary and Moulin Rouge!, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. 

He is also known for his role in hit series Game of Thrones where he played, Archmaester Marwyn.

His newer projects include The Sense of an Ending where he plays Tony, a retired divorcee who receives a letter that makes him question the past surrounding his first girlfriend and the reliability of his memories. Broadbent connected to the character Tony. “I can remember at my school that I was part of a clique that thought we were the bee’s knees. And I’ve known people like Tony all of my life, and there’s an awful lot of me that’s similar to Tony, so I recognize the character,” he told uInterview exclusively. “And particularly I recognize his awkwardness as a youth, and the mistakes that we all make when we’re young men.”

Broadbent has also stared in television dramas and comedy series. He had parts in The Peter Principle, Only Fools and Horses, and The Queen of Spain’s Beard to name a few.

His work has garnered over three dozen nominations from major awards, various which he has gone on to win. These include two golden globe wins as well as an Oscar and BAFTA  wins.

Jim Broadbent Bio: Personal Life, Wife

Jim Broadbent is married to Anastasia Lewis a painter and theater designer. They have been married since 1987.

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