Emma Roberts (born February 10, 1991; age 30) is the daughter of Academy Award nominee Eric Roberts and Kelly Cunningham; she is also the niece of Academy Award-winning actress Julia Roberts.

Emma Roberts Biography: Age, Childhood, Famly

Initially, her mother wanted her to lead a normal, everyday life, but early on Emma made it clear she wanted to go into acting as well. Her first role was at the age of 9, playing Kristina Jung, the daughter of Johnny Depp’s George Jung in the film Blow.

Emma Roberts in Unfabulous and Singing Career

Roberts received her first major break in 2004, cast as Addie Singer, the lead in Unfabulous which aired in Nickelodeon. The show ran for three seasons—as intended by its middle school setting—and was highly rated in the 10-16 audience. It spawned a made-for TV movie Unfabulous: The Perfect Moment and led to Roberts receiving a Teen Choice Awards nomination. During this time, Roberts also developed an interest and talent in singing. Her debut album was the soundtrack to Unfabulous which featured songs from the show and original work. Unfabulous and More proved to be a critical and financial success. Two of the singles off the album—“I Wanna Be” and “Dummy”—were later filmed as music videos. She would later lend her singing talents to animated movies: Ice Princess in 2005 and Aquamarine in 2006. By 2007, however, Roberts decided to return to acting, which was her first passion.

Emma Roberts Return to Acting

After returning to acting, Roberts was cast as the lead in both Nancy Drew and Wild Child. Not long after, she took steps to shed her Nickelodeon image by taking roles in indie films like Lymelife while also continuing to appear in family-friendly content like Hotel for Dogs and The Art of Getting By.

In 2011, however, Roberts was cast as Jill, the niece of Sydney Prescott in Scream 4. The role required a great deal of blood, yelling and pathos, and was a far cry from her Nickelodeon roots.

Emma Roberts Interview

Emma Roberts has twice spoken to uInterview. The first time she was promoting The Art of Getting By, a coming of age story set at the cusp of high school graduation. It was a joint interview, with co-star Freddie Highmore (Bates Motel) where they discussed the filming of the movie, the cast, and the great chemistry they shared. “We met a couple months before the movie in London and sat down and chatted,” she told uInterview. “Then once we saw each other on the movie we just got along really well. I think it’s a real unique chemistry we have on screen.” Her second interview was a solo one, where she was promoting her turn in Scream 4 which was as far from her formative girl-next-store roles as you can get. “Definitely. I mean, there are times where, you know, there is that energy and that adrenaline rush and you are scared,” she told uInterview exclusively. “And you have to really get the energy up and get there because otherwise, no one’s going to believe it.”

Emma Roberts Recent Roles

Roberts has been busier and more in-demand now than she has been at any other point in her career. She played a teenage runaway in the raunchy and financially successful comedy We’re the Millers before taking on darker roles in films such as Adult World and Palo Alto, and in television as a mass-murdering witch in American Horror Story: Coven.

Emma Roberts Relationships

Roberts dated Chord Overstreet from 2011-2012. Since mid-2012, she has been Evan Peters to whom she was once arrested for domestic violence after assaulting and to whom she is now engaged.

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