Demetria Dyan McKinney was born on August 27, 1979 (Demetria McKinney age: 42) in Albuquerque, New Mexico. McKinney moved frequently due to the nature of her family’s military affiliation.


McKinney enrolled at Okaloosa Walton Community College to study theater and performed in plays in college as well as with theater companies outside of her college. She was discovered by Tyler Perry when he saw her perform in a touring play called The Woman I am Today. Due to her discovery by Perry, she discontinued her degree so that she could pursue her acting career.


After being discovered by Perry, McKinney performed in several of Perry’s plays, later starring as Janine Shelton-Payne on Tyler Perry’s House of Payne for six years, a role that she reprised in the 2018 TV spinoff The Paynes. Most of her early roles were in Perry’s projects; after her film debut in Perry’s romantic comedy Daddy’s Little Girls in 2007, she began to act in various short films and landed a role in the 2010 romantic comedy film Breaking Up Is Hard to Do. In 2011, she acted in Necessary Roughness, marking her first TV role outside of Tyler Perry’s House of Payne.

In 2017, McKinney portrayed Whitney Houston in the television film Bobbi Kristina. In the same year, McKinney released Officially Yours, her debut album. She was awarded the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding New Artist for her album.

In 2020, McKinney started her role as Anacostia Quartermaine, a series regular on Freeform’s Motherland: Fort Salem.


McKinney rose to prominence for her role in Tyler Perry’s House of Payne as Janine Payne. McKinney stayed on the show for a total of 94 episodes throughout the show’s 254 episodes. The show follows the fictional, multi-generational Payne family in Atlanta, Georgia. She first appeared as a guest star in the show’s pilot then went on to be a part of the main cast throughout seasons one through nine. House of Payne has the most aired episodes for a television series with a majority African-American cast.


In a conversation with uInterview, McKinney described staying at home during the coronavirus pandemic as “an interesting home study.”

“The last couple of years, especially, I’ve been very busy with work, so I’ve gotten to travel a lot more. When I got home, I literally melted to my bed because I knew I only had like a couple of days to a week before I was back out of here. My son was usually floating around like a feather in Forrest Gump, just really enjoying life without mom here, and so now we’re really, really into each other’s space… Thank God we love each other and we have a great relationship.”

“He’s definitely grown so I’m thankful for that, he’s like 21, and so I’m not sitting around like a lot of the parents like, ‘Oh my gosh I have to home school, fourth-grade math is kicking my butt!'” McKinney added with a laugh of relief.

McKinney said that although the initial adjustment was difficult, the extra time at home allowed her to take on new things. “It’s just been cool, it started off rocky at the beginning but now I’m adjusting by finding different things that I like, you know, I’ve been working with mulch… Something I never thought I’d say. Pulling weeds in the backyard, reclaiming my grounds, you know? It’s really, really interesting to find new ways to be well outside of your element.”


McKinney sat down with uInterview to discuss her role in Freeform’s new supernatural drama TV series Motherland: Fort Salem. Motherland follows three young witches who enlist in the U.S. Army at Fort Salem in a female-dominated world. McKinney plays Anacostia Quartermaine, Fort Salem’s drill sergeant.


“I teach all the young ladies how to harness their power, use the work, which is the magic that we embody in the show, and how to just grow up as ladies. As you know, this is an all-female army and they’re comprised of witches, so I’m responsible for life and death on the battlefield basically,” McKinney said.

McKinney stars alongside Taylor Hickson, Amalia Holm, Jessica Sutton, Ashley Nicole Williams and Lyne Renée. She described the day they all first met as one of the best moments of working with the cast.

“Coming from different walks of life, different countries, you know, Jessica [Sutton] is from South Africa, Lyne [Renée] is from Belgium… Everybody’s from all these different places, just seeing how different we were, some of the different lingos to the different experiences we’ve had in the industry, or, if this was new for us, just really getting to know each other was really cool.”

McKinney recounted that seeing the “drastic differences” between the actresses and their on-screen characters was one of her favorite parts of working with the cast. Of her costar Renée, McKinney said, “She’s absolutely stunning and she’s very smart but she is also such a goober in the best way. She’s just really odd in herself which makes her that much more endearing.” This made seeing Renée “snap into General Alder [Renée’s character]” that much more striking to McKinney.

When asked if she believes in the supernatural, McKinney replied, “I think we’re crazy if we think there’s not something else out there. I mean the universe is just way too vast there’s still so much we don’t know if we can sit here and be really honest with ourselves and say we don’t know what’s really in our own oceans, how dare we say we know what’s in the cosmos or even the atmosphere like, everything is possible.”


McKinney faced homelessness, abuse, and single motherhood at 17. She told The Pop Topic, “My late teens into my twenties was a pretty rough time for me. I experienced homelessness, molestation, an abusive relationship while living in the projects, and I had a baby younger than I expected to. I think that understanding the journey is going to have rocks, thorns, and potholes. However, those roadblocks are a big part of how I made it through. Everything, even the bad stuff happened for a reason. I couldn’t let any of those things be the reason that I didn’t go on and strive for the things I wanted in life.”


Is Demetria McKinney married? McKinney has never been married. McKinney was engaged to long-time partner Roger Bobb in 2016 but confirmed their split later that year.

How old is Demetria McKinney? McKinney is 40 years old.

Does Demetria McKinney have a child? McKinney has one son. He is 21 years old.

How tall is Demetria McKinney? McKinney is 5’9″.

What is Demetria McKinney’s net worth? According to Celebrity Net Worth, McKinney has a net worth of $3 million.


Year Title Role
2004 Meet the Browns (Video) Kim
2006 Why Did I Get Married? (Video) Trina
2007 Daddy’s Little Girls Club Lady 1
2007 Standing Reign (Short) Reign
2008 Before I Wake (Short) Tracy Mason
2010 Breaking Up Is Hard to Do Shonda
2011 Church Girl Emily
2011 Necessary Roughness (TV Series)

–       Whose Team Are You On?

2012 Raising Izzie Singer
2006-2012 House of Payne (TV Series) (94 episodes) Janine Payne
2012 Boulevard West (TV Series) Yvette
2013 In the Meantime Felicia
2013 Let the Church Say Amen Tawny
2014 Let’s Stay Together (TV Series)

–       Date My Wife, Please

2014 Drop Dead Diva (TV Series)

–       Cheers & Jeers

2013-2014 The Rickey Smiley Show (TV Series)

–       Prank Off

–       Fotus

2014 Devious Maids (TV Series)

–       Private Lives

Natasha Jones
2015 Mann and Wife (TV Series)

–       Mann-ditory Counseling

Lisa Lovejoy
2015 Sons 2 the Grave Vanessa Bishop
2016 Chicago Med (TV Series)

–       Win Loss

Mrs. James
2017 Being Mary Jane (TV Series)

–       Feeling Lost

2017 Bobbi Kristina Whitney Houston
2017 Providence Island Mary Dunbar
2017-2018 Superstition (TV Series) (11 episodes) May Westbrook
2018 The Paynes (TV Series)

–       A Confrontation of Payne

–       Revelations of Payne

–       A Surprise for the Paynes

Janine Payne
2017-2018 The Quad (TV Series)

–       #TheColorPurple

–       #InvisibleMan

–       Elevators

–       Pilot

Beretta Hobbs
2018 Redemption of a Dogg (Stageplay)
2018 A Stone Cold Christmas Mia Stone
2016-2019 Saints & Sinners (TV Series) (20 episodes) Tamara Austin-Calloway
2020 Motherland: Fort Salem (TV Series)

–       Witchbomb

–       Coup

–       Citydrop

–       Mother Mycelium

–       Up Is Down

–       Bellweather Season

–       Hail Beltane

–       A Biddy’s Life

–       My Witches

–       Say the Words

Anacostia Quartermaine
2019-2020 A House Divided (TV Series) (14 episodes) Carissa Walker
2020 American Soul (TV Series)

–       Satisfaction

June Pointer



Year Title Album/Single
2013 Work With Me Single
2014 100 (feat. da Brat) Single
2015 Trade It All Single
2015 Unnecessary Trouble (feat. Kandi) Single
2017 Easy Single
2017 Is This Love Single
2017 Happy Single
2017 No, No, No Single
2017 –       Caught Up In The Moment

–       Set It Off (feat. Demarco)

–       Easy

–       All or Nothing

–       Stay

–       SexTraOrdinary Interlude

–       Kissin (feat. Jazze Pha)

–       Is This Love

–       Happy

–       No, No, No

–       SexTraOdinary

–       You Give Good Love

–       B.S. (Bonus Track)

–       Home (Bonus Track)

Officially Yours (Bonus Track Edition)


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