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Dave Franco Biography

Dave Franco, born in Palo Alto, Calif., was named the “Breakout Star To Watch” by MTV in 2011, and his work since has proven the title correct. Though he began acting five years before receiving the title — his acting debut came in 2006 on the long-running 7th Heaven — his best-known performances, including his role as Eric Molson in the 2012 comedy remake of 21 Jump Street, came afterwards.

Dave Franco In ‘Now You See Me’

Though Franco has not done many action movies in his career, he loves performing his own stunts when he gets the chance. When asked about his moves in the 2013 film Now You See Me, in which he played magician and con artist Jack Wilder, Franco explained the thrill. “It was so much fun for me. I mean, I remember while we were doing it, I remember thinking, ‘Why would I wanna do these serious drama movies where I’m crying all day when I could be flippin’ over tables and jumping down trash chutes?’” told Uinterview exclusively. “Of course I do wanna do those more serious movies as well, but in the moment it’s just — I don’t know, I love the physicality of it all, and it really takes me out of my head and I just get into it.”

Before he could begin filming Now You See Me, Franco had to learn some basic magic tricks – a skill he found that he had a natural talent for. “He’s the only one with any natural prowess, and is actually, could be a magician,” costar Isla Fisher told Uinterview exclusively. “It’s pretty phenomenal to see, seriously. He’s the real deal.“


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But before this “natural prowess” came through, he was given a simple, but grueling, task to start. “We showed up and rather than sitting down with the director and breaking down the script and going over the character, who this guy was, they basically locked me in a room, gave me a stack of playing cards, set up a banana across the room, and told me to try and cut it in half by throwing cards at it. So I was in there for about three hours the first day,” Franco told Uinterview.

Dave Franco Filmography

Franco has had roles in the films Superbad, Fright Night, Charlie St. Cloud and Warm Bodies. In addition to film, Franco has also acted in several television series such as the acclaimed Scrubs (as Cole Aaronson), Greek and Privileged.

Dave Franco Brother James Franco

Franco is the brother of Academy Award nominee James Franco and has acted with him on many occasions – including as an extra in the film Milk. However, he wants his own identity. “As much as I love him and I want to work with him, I want to separate myself from him,” Franco said in 2012.

Dave Franco Dating History, Comedy

One look at Franco’s extensive Funny or Die page proves that he has the comedic chops to gain a following all his own — though a few videos do costar his famous brother. Before becoming a household name, Franco was known for his funny, and often NSFW, videos on the comedy video site. The videos often costar other actors such as real-life girlfriend Alison Brie and friend Christopher Mintz-Plasse. Though he uploaded his first video over five years ago, his undoubtedly busier schedule hasn’t kept him from keeping the page up. In addition to Brie, Franco has dated Glee actress Dianna Agron.

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