Anna Camp is an American actress and singer. She is best known for her roles in True Blood, The Help and Pitch Perfect.


Anna Camp was born on September 27, 1982 (Anna Camp: Age 40) in Aiken, South Carolina to Dee and Thomas Camp. She went to Meadowfield Elementary School where she had her first acting experience in the second grade.

In 2004 Camp graduated from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Arts.


Camp started her acting career on the stage with roles in The Scene and Equus.


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In 2009 Camp starred in True Blood, a supernatural drama television series, as Sarah Newlin. In the show Sarah Newlin is the creator of a vampire concentration camp to ensure the extinction of the vampire race.

Some of Camp’s guest appearances in television include The Office, Glee, How I Met Your Mother and Covert Affairs.

One of Camp’s best-known roles was as Aubrey Posen in the Pitch Perfect movie trilogy. Aubrey Posen is the queen bee of the acapella group, The Barden Bellas. Wanting to stay true to Bella traditions, she frequently butts heads with Becca (Anna Kendrick) who wants to refresh what it means to be a Barden Bella.

In 2013 Camp won the Best Musical Moment award from MTV Movie Awards for the Riff Off scene where the Bellas sang No Diggity. Camp was also nominated for Best WTF Moment from MTV Movie Awards for the scene where she argues with the other Bellas and forces herself to puke from the pressure.


Changing gears, Camp recently played a serious role in the drama A Little Prayer. The film follows a North Carolina family dealing with relatable familial issues. The father, Bill (David Strathairn) worries about his adult children. David (Will Pullen) is Bill’s son and might be cheating on his wife Tammy (Jane Levy). Patti (Camp) is Bill’s daughter who recently left her addict husband. The audience is left questioning if the turmoil and drama will split the family apart or bring them closer together.

In an exclusive interview with uInterview, Camp talked about her role in the film at the Sundance Film Festival.

“It’s a story about family and about love and about heartbreak and about being brave and truthful,” Camp revealed. “It also addresses a woman’s right to choose which is also incredibly powerful and I hope sparks a lot of conversation here at the festival.”

Camp also discussed what her character is like.

“She’s a bit of a mess,” she said. “She’s a mom. She’s doing the best that she can. I don’t know if being a mother is her top thing that she’s good at. But she loves her daughter so much and really at the end of the day will do anything for her. But yeah, the movie kind of showcases what it means to be a mom and be a parent, and Patti has got her own way of doing that.”


When was Anna Camp born?

Anna Camp was born on September 27, 1982.

How old is Anna Camp?

Anna Camp is 40 years old.

Is Anna Camp married?

No, Anna Camp is not currently married. Anna Camp divorced Michael Mosley in 2013 and Skylar Astin in 2019.

Is Anna Camp in a relationship?

Yes, Anna Camp is currently dating Michael Johnson.

What is Anna Camp’s Twitter?

Anna Camp’s Twitter handle is: @TheRealAnnaCamp

What is Anna Camp’s Instagram?

Anna Camp’s Instagram handle is: @therealannacamp

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