Adrien Brody Bio

Adrien Brody was born April 14, 1973 in Woodhaven, Queens, to Elliot Brody and acclaimed photographer Sylvia Plachy. He had no siblings, and was raised without any strong religious connections. As a child Brody often performed magic under the name “The Amazing Adrien.”

Brody attended the famed Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts and briefly attended Stony Brook College and Queens College. His parents enrolled him in acting in the first place to distance him from the dangerous friends he kept. “I had an extremely vivid imagination. I was the only child and you know, I also like, I like the nuances and the qualities that make us all so unique and our flaws, and I was very in tuned to that at a very young age,” Brody told Uinterview exclusively. “I was very fortunate that I found an outlet for that, the purpose that has given me a tremendous insight into myself and to human nature, and the process of discovering characters that are sometimes based on actual people or completely fictionally, still it is really insightful and valuable.”

Brody spent summers at New York’s Long Lake Camp for the Arts. He began to get recognition at 13, when he was in an off-Broadway play and a PBS film.

Adrien Brody ‘The Pianist,’ Wins Academy Award

In 2002 Brody was cast as the lead in the film The Pianist, directed by Roman Polanski. Brody received high acclaim for his role, and was the youngest actor to win an Oscar for Best Actor at the age of 29. It also won the Academy Awards for Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay.

Adrien Brody Filmography, Interview

Brody has appeared in dozens of films since debuting in 1989’s New York Stories. Some of his more notable films include Angels In The Outfield, Six Ways To Sunday, The Thin Red Line, The Pianist, The Village, King Kong, Hollywoodland, The Darjeeling Limited, Cadillac Records, Predators, Splice, Midnight In Paris, The Grand Budapest Hotel and Detachment.

Brody spoke exclusively with Uinterview about relating to his character in Detachment. “We all experience plenty of things to overcome,” Brody told Uinterview. “I can relate to the character’s volatility. I am, fortunately, a bit more together than he is. I think a lot of young men react to frustrations with anger and it’s something that we learn at a young age. So, yeah, I can relate. I try not to. I try to step back a bit these days.”

Brody explained to Uinterview why he took on the role. “My father was a public school teacher for 30 years or more and was also a really wonderful parent and a very patient human being and very dissimilar to my character,” Brody told Uinterview exclusively. “However, what motivated me to make this movie was partially an homage to his contribution and how crucial it is that we take the time to nurture young minds, so that they can evolve and they can become more complete, whole human beings, rather than perpetuating the degree of broken quality that we’ve all taken on from things that have been inflicted upon us. I think it takes tremendous focus and generosity.”

Brody was considered for the role of The Joker in The Dark Knight and of Spock in Star Trek XI, but the roles went to Heath Ledger and Zachary Quinto, respectively.

Adrien Brody TV Appearances

Before Brody was in films, he appeared on a few television programs. In 1988 Brody appeared in the TV movie Home At Last and guest-starred on Annie McGuire. He appeared as Skinny on an episode of Rebel Highway in 1994 and acted in the TV movie Bullet Hearts in 1998. In 2013 he filmed a mini-series on Harry Houdini for The History Channel.

Brody hosted Saturday Night Live in 2003 but, due to his improvised monologue, was banned from hosting again by Lorne Michaels. In the fifth season of the prank show Punk’d Brody was tricked by Ashton Kutcher. Brody was featured in a Stella Artois campaign, starting with a commercial that aired during the 2011 Super Bowl.

Adrien Brody Dating History, Relationship Status

Brody has dated his fair share of women, including actresses and models. Brody has dated Sky Nellor (2002), Michelle Dupont (2003-2006) and Elsa Pataky (2006-2009). Pataky is now married to Chris Hemsworth. Before Brody and Pataky broke up, they were featured in a spread in Hello at their home — a castle Brody bought Pataky for her 31st birthday. Brody is currently in a relationship Russian model Lara Lieto. Brody has been dating Lieto since 2012.

Adrien Brody Awards

In addition to his Oscar for The Pianist, Brody has won several other awards. Brody won the French César Award (the only American to do so), the Boston Society of Film Critics Award and the National Society of Film Critics Award for Best Actor in The Pianist.

Adrian Brody Personal Life

In 1992 Brody was injured in a motorcycle accident, when he flew off his motorcycle and landed head-first on the sidewalk. He has also broken his nose three times when performing stunts on movie sets.

Brody made his runway debut as a Prada Model for the Fall/Winter 2012 show in January 2012. He was named an ambassador for the Gllette Fusion Proglide Styler.

Brody was asked to be a judge for the Bombay Sapphire Imagination Series, in which participants took a script and interpreted in their own way. “I think what’s so interesting about what Bombay Sapphire’s Imagination Series is accomplishing is that they’re encouraging people to be creative and inventive and to use their imaginations,” Brody told Uinterview exclusively. “Imagination is such an essential part of the film, process of making a movie, and clearly for the actor. It’s probably what led me to being an actor in the first place. I think people need encouragement and this for instance is a very low pressure thing and even the process of trying to formulate ideas of what you would envision or how you would imagine a scenario is a very rewarding process.”

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