Katy Perry has had a busy year from being a judge on newly revamped American Idol, getting engaged on Valentine’s Day to on-off boyfriend, Orlando Bloom, to currently releasing new songs which fans and critics alike are calling a “return to form.”

Perry has never looked happier than this week on her 10-day Egyptian river cruise with 64 friends and Bloom. She is currently ringing in her 35 birthday and blessing us with Instagram pictures, posed up with a view of the breathtaking pyramids. The singer was dressed in a pale green flowing dress and a white head wrap.  She posted a snapshot of her and Bloom in an embrace looking happy together, and one of her standing a few blocks up on one of the pyramids.

Perry is obviously learning more about the ancient Egyptians and their culture, captioning the post, “Ancient Egyptians believed that when you pass on your heart had to be weighed. It had to be lighter than a feather to be qualified for the trip to the afterlife.”  It seems as if this fact struck Perry because she continued, “My mother has called me feather since I was a little girl and I hope after all is said and done my heart is as light as one. This is 35.”

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