DJ Alan Walker, 21, took in the breathtaking view of the Iceland’s Hot Spring Valley where he did his signature pose, his mouth covered by not his usual face mask but rather his own hand. Behind him is the scenic view of Reykjavik, Iceland.


Walker is keeping an impressive schedule across the globe. His tour travels have taken him across the United States, Hong Kong, Norway, Brazil, India and many more place — all within the course of over the past several months.

Walker, whose music falls under the Deep house/EDM genre, was first recognized in the U.S. for his hit single “Faded” in 2015. Initially, when first starting his DJ career, he went by the nickname “DJ Walkzz.” However, the name was short lived and he eventually went back to using his real name.

He was accompanied in his travels on the road by his girlfriend, Vivii Niemi, who can be seen tagged in multiple of Walker’s Instagram posts with the username “@viviiniemi.”

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