Fashion designer and blogger Aimee Song spent her vacation in Piliga, Italy off the grid, but she made sure to always wear her own clothing brand, Song of Style.

In her Instagram post from the trip, Song explained that she only used her phone when she needed it for maps, the rest of the time it was on “airplane” mode. While visiting Gargano, one of the isolated mountains, Song wore a long pink and orange dress, which had some glitter sequins on it. She also wore brown sunglasses and gold earrings.

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Ciao! I missed you guys! I've been living it up in Puglia and enjoying my first REAL, disconnected vacation. Can you believe during the 10+ years I've been a blogger/influencer, this is the first time I full disconnected? I've kept my phone on airplane mode the entire time, except for when I needed to access a map. I needed to enjoy my vacation like one did pre-Internet. No emails, no social media; no worrying about what other people are doing. I'm trying to be present without constant worry about likes, engagement, photo and video opportunities; what photo I was going to post next, or how I was going to capture my next piece of content. I needed this break. It's been busy with projects, work, the launch of @songofstyle, and just life stuff. I think it's important we all take these moments and this time for ourselves. It's so easy to get wrapped up in an alternative universe with how connected we are today. For me, I was starting to get confused with my own voice, my point of view, my purpose. This trip has helped me pause, take a step back, reflect. I'm happy to be back, but being away was so nice! Thank you to my friends and followers who texted and DM'ed me to check in; I love you guys so much!

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Before dinner, Song posed in one of her clothing brand’s dresses – a red short-sleeved number, which had a slit in it, with gold necklaces and black shoes.

While eating some gelato on the streets of Puglia, Song wore a long pink skirt that had glitter sequins on it, a white tank top and black sunglasses. She also completed her style with a yellow and pink handbag.

Ever since Song launched her blog, Song of Style, in 2008, both her blogging and fashion careers have taken off. She has gained over five million Instagram followers to date.

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