Want the stunning effect of an aerial photo, but don’t have the time or desire to learn how to pilot a drone? Yuneec’s Breeze, living up to its name, takes the learning curve out of drone photography with a device that can both fit in your backpack and be powered directly from your iOS or Android device.


Equipped with five automated flight modes, complicated shots are now possible at the touch of a button. Selfie and orbit modes allow for stunning aerial selfies, while follow me mode is perfect for capturing sports or any action-based video. Adjustments within these auto-pilot settings are possible using sliders, versus the standard controls one might see on a remote-operated system. With 4K resolution, 13 megapixel still images and a 720p live view, your won’t sacrifice clarity for convenience. For those who want a little more control, there is a manual feature, but its distance is limited to 262.5 feet up and 328.1 feet away. With a flight time of 12 minutes and no “return home” feature, be wary of piloting the device from too far away, says a recent CNET review.

At 4K resolution, the video is not entirely smooth, and for stabilized movements, it is necessary to drop down to 1080p at 30fps or 720p at 60fps. Then again, it’s not for extreme aerial photography and high-def short films.

In keeping with the selfie theme, the drone’s app allows for rapid posting of pictures and videos across major social media platforms, all without having to transfer any data (you can also trim clips and add a filter, if you desire). Yuneec also makes replacement parts readily available, should amateur pilots accidentally crash. Overall, Yuneec emphasizes the drone’s safety, and it’s optical flow system keeps the Breeze firmly in position, making it usable in both indoor and outdoor environments.

The Yuneec Breeze, affordably priced, is definitely not an impulse buy. Designed from the ground up for mobile use and viewing, it’s the next step up from taking photos on your phone, making it the point-and-shoot camera of the drone generation.


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