Garmin’s kid-friendly Vívofit jr. 2 activity trackers are about to expand into new realms based on their favorite Disney licenses. Thanks to their new partnership between both parties, the three recently-announced machines will each feature a beloved character adorning them.


Depending on your child’s choice, they can choose a unit bearing Minnie Mouse, Star Wars‘ BB-8 or even the leader of the Avengers, Captain America. This choice doesn’t just affect cosmetics, however; all three offer their own mobile app. Minnie’s excited for a surprise birthday party for Mickey, and kids can help Minnie and her friends with their preparations. BB-8 and Zepha are exploring the dangerous alien world of Jakku, whereas Captain America will recruit your kid to help him and the other Avengers ward off evil. Sixty minutes of activity earns the next chapter, inspiring kids to remain active.

Parents can utilize the app to inspect their kid’s activity or set up assignments and goalposts to meet, such as brushing her teeth or finishing his homework. A timer will inform your kid how much time remains to complete each chore. Kids can compete with their peers through Garmin’s Toe-To-Toe step challenge. In fact, if parents have a compatible Garmin device, they can upload their own step records to a leaderboard, fostering healthy competition among family members.


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In terms of their composition, your child’s Vívofit jr. 2 could easily accompany them 24/7. The battery is intended to last for one year, the screen’s display is customizable and the device is swim-friendly. Moreover, each package comes with two bands, and additional bands can be bought separately to grant access to the other two games.

$99.99 is the asking price to enhance your child’s routine with the latest Vívofit jr. 2 activity trackers, and $29.99 is the price for additional bands. They’re currently available in stores.

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