Ultimate Ears’ Wonderboom promises to supply you with excellent sound in a compact Bluetooth speaker. Moreover, it will do so with a durable design.


The speaker is dust-resistant and shock-resistant, with the facility to survive a fall up to five feet. Additionally, as per one of its headlining selling points, it’s also water-resistant. As such, the Wonderboom is easy to clean with a rinse should it get dirty.

A button located on the top controls the device. This allows you to play and pause music, skip a track or to connect it to another Wonderboom. A loop also protrudes from the speaker, which can be used to dangle the Wonderboom from something. Unfortunately, your Wonderboom will be unable to perform while floating in a pool, according to CNET’s review.

The Wonderboom’s extended wireless range has the potential to cover 100 feet. Plus, you can tag Ultimate Ears’ flagship speaker with up to eight different Bluetooth devices for audio playback, and it can link to another Wonderboom. When synchronized, the two Wonderbooms can work together to provide dual audio.

While CNET’s reviewer acknowledged imperfections in its acoustics, he did ultimately decide that it was probably superior to its competing speakers of analogous sizes. He specifically cited the bass as a strong point, noting how it outclassed the JBL Flip 4. The Wonderboom, if on a moderate volume, will maintain its battery life for about ten hours.

Ultimate Ears’ Wonderboom costs $99.99. The unit is also available in six different colors, all of which come with snazzy names. Also, a micro USB cable will come in every package.