George Lucas and his team created the first Star Wars film in 1977, and it permanently altered the fabric of pop culture. The franchise has become a true empire, spanning direct sequels and prequels, as well as merchandise, television programs, video games, books and much more. Propel was enlisted to produce drones honoring three of the series’ more iconic vehicles, with a fourth coming next year. So, are the Star Wars Battle Quads of an appropriate quality or should you have a bad feeling about buying them?


While the remote-controlled Battle Quads first took flight prior to this year, 2017 is something of a relaunch for them. Notably, an enhanced companion app is now available to keep records of your victories and losses or provide you with flying lessons. Those piloting lessons are recommended, but once you’re flying across the cosmos, you can engage other Battle Quads in combat!

Up to twelve ships can be commandeered per game, and they can exceed speeds of 35 MPH. The three ships — T-65 X-Wing Star Fighter, 74-Z Speeder Bike and even Darth Vader’s Imperial TIE Advanced X1 – interact with each other, emitting lasers to strike each other down. Accompanying these figures’ dogfights is appropriate aural cues. Voice clips, sound effects and theme music plays at opportune moments, giving another dimension to the experience. Worth mentioning is their battery life, which only lasts for roughly six to eight minutes per session.

Even looking past the figurines themselves, there’s an impressive attention to detail on display. Amusing CNET‘s preview was the lightsaber-shaped screwdriver as well as the packaging, the latter of which resembles that of the collector’s edition film sets. Opening the box to unleash your spaceship will, unsurprisingly, be celebrated with lights and music from the movies.

The packaging containing the Star Wars Battle Quad TIE Advanced X1 (Image: Lucasfilm/Propel)

Whether they’re aligning themselves with the Resistance or the Empire, fans of the multimedia juggernaut appear enthused for the highly-detailed replicas. All three will cost $159.99, although a cheaper release of the X-Wing is incoming. Moreover, Hal Solo’s Millennium Falcon will join the festivities later, presumably around when his solo film releases.