A large television is likely to be the centerpiece of the room it resides in, allowing those who are present a window to the outside world. Moreover, as many eyes will be attentive to your TV, it should also be attractive and seamlessly fit in your room. Samsung has a knack for designing attractive television sets, and their latest — the Samsung MU9000 — proudly continues that tradition.


Samsung’s MU9000 is built to be pleasant to look at, from its unobtrusive black outline to how it minimizes the hassle of wires. The MU9000 carries Samsung’s Smart Hub, giving easy access to an abundance of apps and services, including Netflix and YouTube. Roku and Sony sets have a wider array of apps, however.

Samsung’s OneRemote can automatically control all compatible devices, helpfully reducing the amount of devices occupying your space. Further simplifying matters is the television’s voice command feature, which allows to announce your need — such as “Game Mode” or “Movie Mode” — and the MU9000 will carry it out. English, French and Spanish are the compatible languages.

The OneConnect component box avoids the hassle of connecting your inputs to the back of the TV; this renders it easier to determine what’s currently connected to your setup. Plus, three ports, specifically for Ethernet, USB and EX-LINK inputs, are easily found on the back of the set. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatibility is included, too.

However, while the MU9000 offers solid image quality, certainly strong enough to please most people, CNET notes how it isn’t up to par with competing models from Vizio and Sony.

Samsung’s MU9000 is available in three sizes, 55-inches, 65-inches and 75-inches, all offering 4K visuals on a flat screen. Their respective prices on Amazon are $1,297.99, $1,797.99 and $3,297.99.

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