Star Wars isn’t a brand with a shortage of merchandise in its honor. Just as budding pilots will soon get to live out the epic dogfights that permeate the films, those who wish to have their own droid companion will soon be able to obtain one. Sphero’s miniature BB-8 won over the hearts of many upon its launch in 2015, and now two of its co-stars are about to join it.


Fans of the multimedia franchise and indifferent bystanders alike will likely be able to recognize R2-D2. This iconic droid has been a part of the series since its inception in 1977. Sphero’s replica of the white-and-blue robot comes equipped with his memorable sounds taken straight from the original Star Wars. Likewise, his mannerisms are accounted for as well, such as his rotating head and his leg movements.

Conversely, BB-9E has yet to formally debut. As such, he will ship without any voice clips, although they will be patched in following the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Even the product description for the BB-9E figure is being mum regarding the sinister entity, merely referring to him as “a menacing astromech droid of the First Order.” His movements will be familiar to those who own the BB-8 droid, since their physics are so similar.

All of Sphero’s figurines are about four inches tall and weigh one pound. Moreover, as per the norm, a companion app for smartphones is available to enhance the experience. Amusingly, all three members of Sphero’s toy line can interact not only with each other, but they’ll respond to watching the Star Wars films, too.

Both additions to Sphero’s catalog are set to warp into stores on September 14. R2-D2 will cost $179.99 while his darker counterpart will retail for $149.99. While pricey, both toys will likely perform well this holiday season, especially with the pending release of The Last Jedi.

Our heroes (Image: Sphero/Lucasfilm)

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